Monday, July 9, 2012

Omaha reader: Where to find local grocery deals!!

First things first. I told my Omaha fans/friends that I would post some links to blogs that are local Omaha blogs. Here are some:

I mentioned the other day that I knew of one Omaha blog where the writer, Nicole, posts her favorite Omaha grocery deals each week. That blog is Mom Saves Money. She used to just post a few weekly faves, but it looks like she is posting more these days and it is more like what I do for weekly grocery deals. To give you an example of her weekly grocery deal posts, check out this one from last week. (Can I throw in a "WOW" you had some great prices this past week, and it looks like you still have through tomorrow to get these prices!!!).

Another local deals blog that I love is actually written by a friend (she was kindergarten teacher to my 2 oldest kids before she quit teaching to stay home with her little girl). Sarah writes a great deals blog called Becoming Sensible. You will find lots of great local deal there!

One more, I have actually never even seen this blog until today, but I googled Omaha deals blogs, and stumbled upon the Omaha Deal Diva blog. She obviously has a focus on grocery deals and matches the coupons you can use to the weekly deals. Great blog for finding the local grocery deals!!!

I will continue to post events and activities and freebies that are Omaha delas just as I post Utah deals because I know much of my readership is in Omaha and Salt Lake area. But I will not be posting Omaha grocery deals anymore, as I will now be posting the grocery deals in Scottsdale. Thanks for reading and I hope you will continue to read through my frugal journey in Scottsdale!