Sunday, August 19, 2012

Look for CiCi's pizza coupons in TODAY's newspaper

I LOVE a great deal, and I love to eat out. And CiCi's pizza offers GREAT deals on family meals. So, I love to go there (and I love to blog for them). TODAY in the local Sunday Papers, CiCi's will have coupons offering deals for $5, $10, and $15-be on the look out for those coupons!!
There are a few other fun things they have going on so let me share with you the info I was sent:
School is back in session, if not yet, soon!
CiCi’s Pizza knows all too well how expensive it can be to get everyone suited up and ready to put on their best thinking caps.
CiCi’s Pizza, known for exceptional value and variety with its endless pizza, pasta, salad, soup and dessert buffet and family friendly atmosphere, knows this time of year can be a strain on your budget.
To help ease the burden a bit, CiCi’s Pizza is offering special deals and coupons to make feeding your family more affordable. In addition to the $5 faves currently taking place at participating locations, CiCi’s is introducing the next round of savings. Be on the lookout in this Sunday’s local paper for a special CiCi’s Pizza coupon offering deals for $5, $10 and $15.

Also coming up at CiCi's is National Guest Appreciation Day on September 6, where all participating CiCi’s will host a day to say “Thanks” with $2.99 endless buffet from open to close.

CiCi's got some great advice from other bloggers about starting the school year on the right foot (and saving money of course! Check out that post here.