Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reel Cash Critters Game + more from @Gamesville (Review)

Do you ever wish you could play games like Bingo, Slots, 21 and Poker without risking your own actual money? In a way that is not gambling? In a way that you are not risking your money? I do. I like casino-like games, and I like playing them online. But most Online sites I find have limited abilities. And I have to admit, I play a lot of games online. A LOT. I just like to play when I have a chance.

So, I JUMPED at the chance to learn about, try out, and review the Reel Cash Critters Game on Gamesville. (And actually I got to try out all the games on Gamesville. ). I am excited to tell you about what I thought.

First, let me tell you about Reel Cash Critters Game as described to me (since I cannot describe it better myself):

Reel Cash Critters is not your typical slots game. To play, you wager your GVs (Gamesville’s virtual currency that you win by playing games) and spin. You can win cash prizes from $5-$10, obviously a great part of the game!

What make the game unique are the mini games and critters – who doesn’t love cute woodland creatures? Within the game, you can hit the “Spin-o-Matic” which is a dial that you spin and depending on the critter that you land on, you get an extra GV bonus.

If you are a Gold member you get another game on top of the Spin-o-Matic. “Reel Slots Shots” is a county fair-style shooting gallery where you can win GVs. Ducks, rabbits, and even our mascot Poke pop up for your chance to hit. The more you get, the more GVs you win.

Finally, the favorite part of this slots game is the team battle aspect. At the beginning of your game, you get put on either the Skunk Team or the Raccoon Team. When the team battle starts, you can choose to go to the room where the battle is happening or choose to skip it. After everyone is dispersed to their teams, you try to spin your machine as many times as possible to win the most GVs. You play with your team and the team with the highest total amount of GVs wins. There are 6 battles throughout the day, and 2 of them give out cash prizes. Since everyone is a winner at Gamesville, for the cash prize games, one member of the winning team and one member of the losing team are selected to win the cash prize.
What did I think?!

First, let me tell you about my experience specifically with the Reel Cash Critters Game. Let me preface it by saying that I am not much of a slots player. Even in virtual currency it is hard for me to watch the money disappear as I play. BUT, with virtual money (GV's) I can enjoy myself as I am not stressing that I am losing actual money. A few things I love-first, I love that I do have a chance to win actual money and prizes in the game. I have not won any money thus far, but I have 61,202 GV's right now to keep trying! Awesome, right?! The second thing I love is the Spin-O-Matic shooting mini game! I seriously love that game! It is more exciting for me to win that than to win more GV's! I have gotten to play that game quite a few times now and I really enjoy it!!

I have not had the chance to try out the team battle. I have not been on there at the right time, but I am watching out to try it soon!

I will say that sometimes when playing I won:

But most times I lost (miserably):

I had fun playing though. and all in all, if you like slots, you will like this game. If you like min games, you will like this game. If you like slots AND mini games, you will LOVE this game! And if slots aren't your thing, luckily Gamesville has A LOT more to offer!

On Gamesville you can play Bingo, 21, poker, and more! I am a bit of a Bingo junky. Really. My family has a week long time share at Snowbird in Utah and my favorite part each year is BINGO night! Yeah-FAVORITE as in I like it more than swimming, hiking, the yummy food and treats, and riding the tram! It is so fun to go play for prizes! LOVE IT! So, naturally my favorite part of Gamesville is the Bingo games! Not only to I get to play Bingo, but I EARN GV's while I play! It is a major win win for this gal! (Though a bit of a loss for this gals house as it has been severely ignored in the cleaning department while I have been "reviewing" this...IE playing Bingo...)

If you are looking for some online fun, go check out Gamesville and make sure to give Reel Cash Critters Game a try! If you sign up using this link:, you will get 10,000 GV's added to your new account! SWEET! Go sign up and try it out, and while you are at it, you can follow  Gamesville  on Twitter ( and Like them on Facebook (

Please note, by way of disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a Gamesville Gold Membership and compensation for my time investment and work on this campaign.