Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday...what did you score?

OK friends, I mentioned that I need Black Friday crazy stories because I was unable to go shopping this year due to my husband's work schedule.

I am still waiting to hear some of your awesome adventures! Did you have any crazy stories? Score any AMAZING deals to brag about?! Anything fun?

I have a couple awesome weekend/Black Friday updates to share with you.

First, I talked to my mom about her Black Friday adventures with my brother (he's 15). They went all over throughout the night. I am most jealous of the H&M stop they made-sounds like it was a great stop!! Here's the crazy part though. My mom decided it was not worth fighting the Walmart crazy crowd at the beginning, so it was their last stop of the morning. The thing is, there is a new Walmart that JUST opened near her. She walked in to an almost empty Walmart on Black Friday morning. There were MANY of the doorbusters still there and she got lots of deals without crowds! She asked the manager if it was busy when the deals started and he said "No not really." Apparently no one knew that Walmart had opened yet...that is like my Black Friday Dream come true!!! I am SOOOO jealous!

AND my story...I have to shoo my kids away first...ok, they are gone. So, my son broke our Wii recently. Completely brokw it. I like to do Wii fit on there and have not been able to for a while and I am getting FAT! I need my workout back, so I wanted to get the Black Friday Wii deal for $89 at Walmart. I tried to get it online but it sold out in seconds online, and I could not go to a store (where I am sure it sold out is seconds at most locations anyway). Fast forward to Saturday afternoon...all doorbusters that were still in store had the prices extended through the weekend. I had to make a test drive to the Mesa airport so I knew where it was. I drove out there and on the way back the kids were crying for a potty. I had a list of groceries and we passed a Walmart. I exited off the freeway and stopped. I walked past the electronics aisle where most things were pretty picked over and the best deals were long gone...then I saw it...on a bottom shelf pushed to the back, an $89 Wii...really?! I distracted the kids with the tvs and games, got some help and snagged the last $89 Wii. The checker said she could not believe that it was still there-they thought they were all gone within 10 minutes of the sale starting! YEAH!!!! Lucky Me!! So, what did you score?!