Sunday, November 25, 2012 Inspiration board contest!

I saw this awesome giveaway on another blog, Contest Corner, and I wanted to tell you all about it and I also wanted to enter!

Here are the details of the contest:

You can enter to win a $1000 credit to by submitting a blog post of your own inspiration board. Of course you have to create your board and put it in a post on your blog or website. It takes a little time, but it is fun and you could possibly win a great prize! You have to submit entries by 11/26 (tomorrow!!) so get to it! Here is the website to go to so you can enter:

And now for My inspiration board:

The top left is my FAVORITE card on their site! I love it because you can change the location of the star to reflect where you are! We move so much that this is IDEAL for us!! Greay design!!!

This would be awesome to win, but if I don't I hope one of you does-so go enter!! And thanks Contest Corner for posting about this contest!