Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beckee's Best of Omaha Grocery 2/8-2/14

Here are my favorite deals in Omaha grocery this week:

  • Russet Potatoes 10 lb bag $2.48 (with in ad coupon, limit 1)
  • Natural Spring or Purified Water bottles 24 ct 16.9 fl oz bottles $2.88 (with in ad coupon, limit 1n)
  • Hy Vee Apple Juice 64 fl oz $1.49 (with in ad coupon, limit 1)
  • Pepsi Product 12 pack cans 4/$12 (with in ad coupon, must buy 4, limit of 1 coupon per person)
  • Haagren Dazs icecream 14 oz $2.99
  • Stemlit Pink Lady Apples $.99/lb
Please note that I somehow lost my big Hyvee ad, so there may be more items that are great deals missing this week. Sorry!

No Frills Fresh
  • Our Family All Purpose Flour $.48 (limit 1)
  • Crystal Farms Cheese 8 oz 3/$5 (about $1.67 each)
  • Clementine Bag 3 lb $3.99
  • Beef Steak Tomatoes $1.48/lb
There is a Super Saver General Mills coupon in the ad where you save $4 when you buy 10 of the participating items (which is $.40 off each). The following items are part of that deal and the prices I am showing are the prices AFTER the discount is applied:
  • Betty Crocker Fiber One Bars 4.1-7 oz $1.89
  • Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 12-17.3 oz $.98
  • Golden Grahams 12 oz, Kix 8.7 oz, Multi Gran Cheerios 9 oz, Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 oz, or Frosted Toast Crunch 12.3 oz $1.88
  • Totino's Pizza 9.8-10.9 oz $.58
Bag N Save
  • 90% Lean Ground Beef $2.77/lb
  • Kellogg's Kids' Cereal 8.7-9.2 oz Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks or Rice Krispies $1.69
  • Oreo Cookies $2.29
  • Fresh Tender Asparagus $1.69/lb
  • Athenos Hummus 7 oz 2/$5
  • Athenos Crumbles 3.5-4oz 2/$5
In addition to their regular week long special, Bag N Save also has a 4 Day Fresh Sale Friday 2/10- Monday 2/13 that includes the following:
  • Boneless Beef Ribeye Steaks $5.99/lb
  • Lobster Tails 3 oz 2/$10
  • Roberts Butter 16 oz Quarters $1.99
Baker's (Remember their sales are almost always WITH card)
  • Iceberg Lettuce $.88 each
  • Bananas $.44/lb
  • Green Cabbage $.33/lb
  • Red Tomatoes on the vine $1.48/lb
  • Cucumber $.58/each
  • Kroger Value Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts or Thighs $1.99/lb
  • Extra Fine Green Beans 16 oz $1.49
  • Navel Oranges 4 lb bag $1.48 ($.37/lb)
  • Red Grapes $.89/lb (sold in 2 lb clamshell for $1.78)
  • Green Grapes $.89/lb (sold in 2 lb clamshell for $1.78)
  • Blueberries $1.59/pack (1 dry pint)
  • Bananas $.44/lb
  • Strawberries $1.49/ 16 oz Clamshell
Super Saver
  • Boneless Angus Beef Untrimmed New York Strip Sirloin (Sold Whole in the bag) $4.97/lb
  • Fresh Express Salad Mix (Green & Crisp, Lettuce Trio, or Premium Romaine) 9-12 oz $.88
  • Roberts Milk (skim, 1%, 2%, Vitamin D) gallon $2.66
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts $1.98/lb
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes 5 lb bag $1.88
  • Mission Tortilla Chips 20 oz $2.44
  • Mama Lupe's Soft Taco Tortillas 10 ct $.98

I am sorry-I did not get a Fareway ad this week.
    ***Remember that I generally just price match at Walmart as much as I can rather than go to all the stores separately! I LOVE being able to do that. You can also pricematch at Target, but I find it easier to pricematch at Walmart.


    Kids eat free/cheap list with 2 updates!

    Kids eat free:
    • Hyvee: Eat FREE on Thursdays with an adult meal purchase at any of the following eating locations in the store: Italian, Chinese Express, Kitchen. Dine in only. (one kids meal per adult meal purchased)
    • China Buffet: Tuesday kids eat free with adult meal purchase
    • Denny's: Night Varies by location 4-10 pm (I have not used this one since August, but it is listed on their website as available at different nights depending on location-you will wnat to call your local location to see what night they do)
    • Lone Star: Tuesday all day up to 2 free kids meals per adult meal purchase.
    • Spaghetti Works: Monday up to 2 free kids meals per adult meal purchased
    • Pepperjax Grill: Wednesday night 2 free kids meals per adult meal purchased (5-8pm)
    • Grisanti's Italian: Monday night
    • La Mesa: Thursday night One free kids meal per adult meal purchased. I know this is good at the location on 156th and Q but I do not know about the other locations.
    • Pizza Ranch: Tuesday looks like one kid per adult meal purchase
    • Texas Roadhouse: Mondays 4-10PM one kid eats free with purchase of each adult meal
    • ***NOTE-I hesitantly include this one because we have REPEATEDLY had TERRIBLE service at the Texas Roadhouse in West Omaha and we will NOT eat there again even with good food and Free kids night. However, a friend noted that her family enjoys the one in PAPILLION! So I include this deal with a warning about the West Omaha location (and FYI-when I wrote to them about the issues we have had over and over, they did not reply or care at all. That is why we don't eat there anymore!)***
    • Chick Fil A: Wednesday nights One free kids meal per adult combo meal (A friend told me that this is good in Utah locations on Wednesday. I do not know if our new Chick fil A in Omaha has a kids night or not).
    • HuHot: Night Varies by location Note that Kids 3 and under are FREE always, but in addition to that, MANY HuHot locations have a Kids night where kids under 11 eat free with adult meal purcahse. (Sadly Omaha doesn't anymore) Click on the restaurant name to see if your local HuHot has a kids night, and which night it is!
    • O'Charley's: Day Varies by location 2 kids free per adult meal (This one is not in Nebraska but in lots of other states East of us!)
    • A+ Buffet and Mongolian GrillThursdays all day Kids ages 3-10 one free per adult meal purchase
    • Buffalo Wings and Rings: Mondays  (looks like one free per adult meal)
    Kids eat cheap:
    • Applebees: Tuesday and Thursday Kids eat for $.99 (one child per adult meal purchased)
    • Fazoli's: Tuesday nights 5-8pm Kids eat for $.99.
    • Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar: Monday Kids eat for $.99 with adult meal purchase
    And because my husband and I are often looking for a place on a particular night, here is the day to day places (* denotes that is is NOT free, but is discounted):

    Monday: Spaghetti Works, Grisanti's Italian, Buffalo Wings and Rings, Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings*
    Tuesday: China Buffet, Lone Star, Pizza Ranch, Applebees*, Fazolis*
    Wednesday: PepperJax Grill, Chick Fil A in Utah,
    Thursday: Hyvee, La Mesa, Applebees*, A+ Buffet and Mongolian Grill
    Varries by location: Denny's, Chick Fil A, HuHot, O'Charley's

    If you have any other great kids free or discounted deals to add to the list, please comment with them after this post! Thanks and happy eating out! :)