Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun #Giveaway, fun blog!!

Do you like to have fun? Are you always looking for something funny to read? AND do you like awesome giveaways?

Well, then you absolutely must go check The Song Stuck in my Head. My friend Brady (actual friend in real life-not JUST an online friend) writes it and the blog is as fun as he is!

He gives away some really fun, silly things and right now he is doing a giveaway that I personally think it pretty sweet. There are a number of prizes, my favorite is this awesome scorpion:
Yes, you could win that (though I hope I do as my boys would LOVE it and it would creep out ALL the kids at the same time)! So, go enter the giveaway here and make sure to tell Brady Hi for me (not that you are required to do that, but just because I would love it if you would!)!