Monday, May 13, 2013

#CottonelleCleanCrew Have you tried to be a part?!

OK friends! I sure hope you have ahd the chance to see the awesomeness that is the new Cottonelle ad campaigns! If not, check this gem out (it's my favorite of a whole campaign full of great ads):

The #CottonelleCleanCrew wants us all to think about why we think it is ok to wipe our tushies with dray paper towels. Wouldn't a wet option work better? Well, the#CottonelleCleanDrew adn #Crowdtap send me some Cottonelle to test that out.

I was sent the following items:

  • One 18pk Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper (for me) 
  • Two 4pks of Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper (for two friends) 
  • Three tubs of Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes (for me and two friends)
I gave away the ones for friends and kept the others for my family and I to test out! 

The first thing I want to note is that I have always loved Cottonelle toilet paper. It is my favorite. Most items I do not care about brand-I buy a lot of generic stuff. Diapers and Toilet paper have always been an exception to that rule. I only want ones that are comfortable and work well. I only want the best to be near my tush (or my baby's tush). For me, Cottonelle is always my preferred brand of toilet paper. 

With my pickiness for what goes near that area, I am a surprised by the fact I never really thought about the fact that we wash everything else with water/wet...why not my bottom?! So, I have been testing out the Flushable wipes for the past month (using them with the toilet paper). I really feel significantly cleaner (after a #2 especially) when I use the flushable wipes! They are awesome! If you have not yet tried them-I recommend you go grab a box and put them to the test ASAP! I think you will like them as well!

***By way of Disclosure, I was given the above mentioned items free to test out, as well as the free items  I shared with my friends. These items were provided free of charge for me to test out and give an honest review of! As always, opinions expressed are my own! I would like to thank still want to thank CrowdTap and Cottonelle for these items to test out and share!!***

If you also want the chance to become a Crowd Tapper so you can apply for future sampling events, please join through my referral link here and we can start tappin together! :)