Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#DisneySMMC Portland Editors, Andrea & Megan

Sorry to leave you waiting for more from the Disney Social Media Mom Celebration in Portland. I had to run a fundraiser for girls camp at my church on Saturday and it kept me very busy! 

BUT now, let's talk about the next speakers at #DisneySMMC Portland. Our next speakers were editors at Andrea Roxas and Megan Sayers.

Andrea and Megan spoke about building relationships with other bloggers and with our audiences (that's you, guys!) using different social media platforms. I loved that they gave excellent tips about the top 4 big  platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. (There are obviously lots of other platforms out there, but these are the big 4 they covered).

Here are the tips for each platform:

  • Use short, clear, engaging copy
  • Experiment and analyze
  • Post more than just links - try shareables and other native upload
  • Vertical Image
  • Text Overlay, for context
  • Descriptive copy that tells a story
  • Use Guided Search to find out which keywords are most valuable to layer in to your pin description.
  • There's no such thing as "too many tweets."
  • Tag, tag, tag!
  • Tweet on trending topics, but through the lens of your brand
  • Photo quality is key
  • Keep your look consistent
  • Share your photos on other social platforms to drive engagement
When using social media make sure to identify your strengths and spend the most time on the platform that will benefit you.

Building relationships with other bloggers is all about forming meaningful connections. Here are some ways to do so:
  • Don't be afraid to cold email
  • Suggest mutually beneficial ways to connect ( like social swap, crowd-sourced content, guest posts)
  • Approach it as a relationship, not a favor or business transaction
Probably my favorite part of their talk was about building your audience. They told us to find our people! (Beckee's note-you are my people and thank you!!!) Some ways to "find your people" when you are blogging include:
  • joining communities
  • scoping social media
  • going to blogger events
  • Look for similar blogs, not necessarily the biggest blogs. Look for quality over quantity.
One last bit of advice from Babble was to Branch Out! Do so by pitching to larger sites (find a direct contact, and tailor your pitch to that site).

Other platforms they think are up and coming and will be focusing on more at Babble are You Tube, Periscope, and Snapchat (for younger audiences).