Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#DisneySMMC Portland: Crafty Chica and Maya in the Moment

Our last presenters at #DisneySMMC Portland were the great ladies I sat with at my table, Maya and Cathy Murillo. They are a dynamite mother and daughter who both run their own very successful blogs/social media enterprises! Cathy (mom) is The Crafty Chica and Maya (daughter) is over at Maya in the Moment. Their Talk was about going "Beyond the Blog".
A few notes from the two of them:
  • Respect your signature style
  • Have a book proposal ready to go (based on your blog)!
  • Use all kinds of Social Media, not JUST Facebook and Twitter: YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, etc
And a few bits of advice from Crafty Chica Cathy:
  • Embrace the New (ask your kids about the sites they are using to connect!)
  • Make readers laugh, cry or gasp-whatever it is, find the magic!
  • Know your 5 year destination-where will you be in this endeavor 5 years down the road?
  • Know the top search terms for your site (and buy the url if available)
  • Involve your kids!
Also, some tips from the younger generation, Maya in the Moment:
  • Bring your own personality
  • Have your hater blockers on!
  • Variety! Use a lot of variety!
  • Let yourself have FUN!
I'll leave  you with their last piece of advice:

Have a plan of action!