Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#DisneySMMC Portland: Marianne Richmond

Better Late than never, right?! 

As a reminder, on June 6, I got to attend the Disney Social Media Mom Conference "On the Road" in Portland. It was amazing, and I learned so much that I wanted to share! I still have a couple more posts to share with you. 

Of all the speakers, this one was the one that really stuck with me and I have really thought about and tried to use. I am so excited to share this with you all! 

My favorite speaker at the Disney Social Media Mom Conference in Portland was Marianne Richmond, Author and Artist (and self made success story). Her talk was "Building your Brand while following your Passion."

She is the author of "If I could Keep You Little" (which she gave to all of us and read aloud-LOVED that!!) as well as quite a few other books:

She accomplished many other amazing business and personal ventures by following her passion as well. You should go to her website here to read all about her.

Here are the highlights of her talk:
  • Know your Why
  • What's your Goal?
  • Embrace your Design
  • Find your Brave!
  • Dream and envision your Next level
And a few of my notes on each highlight:

Know Your Why
  • Know your why-connect to your true passion and understand why it matters in the world!
  • To find you why, finish the sentence "I am passionate about..."
  • Once you know your why, it can give you focus and help you better evaluate opportunities.
What's Your Goal?
  • What is your end game?
  • What are my absolutes?
  • What am I willing to do to accomplish goal?
  • What am I not willing to do to accomplish my goal?
Embrace Your Design
  • Be you!
  • You have a unique voice! 
  • What was I doing in 2nd grade that I still love?
Find Your Brave!

***Notes/Thoughts from Beckee: This struck a chord with me! When we are blogging or starting a brand or business, it is easy to get so caught in what the audience wants or how to built the audience that we forget the whys and the goals and start to cater to the audience. However, if we find our own brave, take our unique-ness and go ahead and bravely share what we have to offer, THAT is the real success. At least that is what I took from this amazing speech!!!***
  • Root yourself in what you have to offer
  • Create a mantra that emboldens your bravery
  • Try something out of the box
  • De-Personalize (business related) decisions
  • Create your Courage team (Another Beckee note-I love the idea of a courage team-these are the people that will buoy you up when you are in doubt, because you will be in doubt sometimes as you grow and build anything! I love my "courage team" which consists of some close family and friends!!!)
Dream and Envision your next level
  • Have an idea of where you are headed! 
And her last thought is well worth sharing-"Remember, we are all in this Together."  (I love that this last quote she said is also a quote from Disney's High School Musical!)