Thursday, July 7, 2016

Personal Post: Where will Spencer serve his mission?

My baby brother (pictured above with my girl at her baptism last month) will be receiving his mission call to serve for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints either this week or next, so we are asking the family guess where he will be going. As email guesses are coming in to my mom, I am compiling them here for all to see.

Also, in case anyone is interested, here is a list of all the missions possible.

Everyone gets one Domestic guess and one International guess.

Below are the guesses:

Andrea: Greece, Athens mission OR Colorado, Denver mission
Anne: Norway OR Puerto Rico 
Armour: Toronto Canada OR Louisiana
Beckee: Any Philippines mission OR Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Cody: Brazil OR Georgia
Deborah: German Alps OR Alabama
Ender G: Russia OR North Carolina
Ender J: Paris France OR Maine
Eric: Finland
Everest: Mexico OR Hawaii
Garry: New Zealand OR Florida
Georgia/XiaXia: Thionville, France (which is the Paris North mission) OR Rochester, New York
Jaxon: Argentina OR New Jersey
Jeremy: Ecuador OR New York, New York
Kindle: Yakima, WA or Hawaii
Kris: Westeros (Ireland) OR New York
Kyara: Australia OR New Mexico
Marie: Rome OR Anaheim
Mary: Mexico OR Indiana
Melanie: Rome, Italy OR New York City
Mike: Korea Busan Mission OR New York, New York (South)
Rochelle/Mom: Fiji Suva or somewhere in Polynesia OR Sacramento, CA
Solace: Philippines OR Louisiana
Stefanie: Greece OR Detroit
Stephen/Dad: Hong Kong OR Cleveland
Steve: The Philippines OR The Bronx
Tiffany: Paris France (Or somewhere French speaking) OR Fresno CA
Tomas: New Jersey OR Mexico
Thomas: South Africa OR New Jersey
Travis: Greece
Wes: Canada Winnipeg OR Yakima Washington


Andrea Griggs said...

I still can't believe Kindle and Wes guessed correctly! Crazy.