Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Beckees Deal with Superbowl food

We are a family full of football fans!!

Wes played football all growing up, I was always a fan, and our two oldest boys have played for several years. We have a split family when it comes to which teams we root for, but our most fanatical, vocal fan is our middle child AKA #TomBradysBiggestFan. Wes grew up rooting for the 49ers (don't worry local friends, he has mostly outgrown that!). I lived in Denver in my early teens during which time my friend's dad was the coach of the Broncos, so I have liked them for a long time. BUT as we have lived in Washington state for 5 of the past 8 years, we all kind of like the Seahawks. Well, all but #TomBradysBiggestFan. He is all about the Patriots. And if I am being honest, I am kind of with him these days. #GoPats! In case you doubt his intense fandom, this is what he wore to CHURCH on Sunday LOL:

Regardless of where our alliances fall, we always have a big family party on Superbowl Sunday! I don't make any specific meals, but we basically have appetizers of all different kinds available for people to eat throughout the day. Sometimes I will buy a huge sandwich from like Subway as well, but mostly it is appetizer day. We have a few faves, but we also like to mix it up. Some of the faves that I plan to make this Sunday are as follows:

NOT a low calorie day, but for sure tasty and fun (and low key for me as far as cooking so I can enjoy the game!)

Any ideas of other awesome foods I could add to my Superbowl snack/apps day?! 



Rich and Angel said...

I saw a recipe for cheeseburger pretzel bombs that looked amazing - meatball and cheese wrapped in pretzel sought and then boiled and cooked as pretzel - yummy!