Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting Real about Money Saving on Food (by planning ahead)

OK, lets get real for a second guys, I have been wasting a lot of money lately. A lot. How, you ask, have I been wasting all this money? By NOT planning ahead. Specifically for meals. 

As you may know, we moved to a new place this past summer, and we are in a rental house. If I am being honest, I thought we would have found and purchased a home by now. And we would have moved into it. Knowing we were in a rental for a max of 11 months, we only unpacked about half our stuff, maybe. 

I only share this story to explain why I still feel unsettled in our new home. On top of that, my kids are in school now and they are participating in activities right now. We scaled down activities for this year, but even with that scaling down, I currently have 2 kids in a musical, 3 kids playing basketball, one in dance, 3 taking voice lessons, one taking bass lessons, and one that only attends public school for half the day because she is in online school the other half at Stanford Online high school. All of that, and my husband is a doctor which means he is on call some nights and weekends.

So, those are all my excuses as to why I have been spending way, WAY too much money on FOOD! I have had a hard time choosing and cooking healthy foods for our family of seven. Which means we eat out. A LOT. Which ends up less healthy and more expensive. Taco Bell is about the cheapest meal for our family and that still ends up at about $30+ for our family. If we go to a sit down restaurant, we're talking $100+ for our family. That adds up fast.

So, I am going back to the basics of meal PLANNING! 

I find that if I make up a plan I do pretty well at following it. The hard part is usually making the plan. But I did it this week! And I am going to share with you what my process was, and what my final plan is. You can maybe help me to be accountable. :) 

Watch for that post coming up in just a few minutes!!!