Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ideas Please! Where would you take Five Kids on Vacation?

For Christmas this year, Wes and I put it into the hands of our five children, ages 5-14, to "choose their Own Adventure." (You can read more about it in this post, it is adventure 5). We have several other Adventures planned for the year as well. 

When we discussed their choice vacation with them, they all wanted either Hawaii or Disneyland. We love Disneyland, but are thinking of maybe trying different things this year, and we are already going to Hawaii on a different adventure. We are actually pretty good a traveling frugally, which is part of the reason we can do so many fun adventures, but when we are already doing more expensive trips like Hawaii this summer, I asked the kids to think of some less expensive options. Maybe somewhere we have not been before.

So far, they are stuck on Disneyland and Hawaii. I think it is because that is what they know. Thus I decided that we need to broaden our horizons. I bought this book for them to give them ideas:

Sadly, the kids aren't interested in reading through (or even skimming) it. BUT what I think they would do is to discuss and research places as recommended by friends. That is where you all come in. Give me some ideas of places we could go with our 5 kids. What places can I let them google and research as they "choose their own adventure"?!

Please feel free to comment here or on Facebook with ideas. OR you can email them to me if you want to. Really, any way you are willing to post/give me ideas is totally awesome! If I get some responses, I will write a follow up post after I discuss those options with the kids! 

Thanks in Advance!!!


Beckee Johnson said...

Just so I have this here, my mom emailed this to me: Yellowstone! Coos Bay in Oregon. Moses Lake! Vancouver Island (Victoria, Canada). Baanf (or however you spell it) right there at the Montana/Canadian border. Lots of fun adventures in Utah, but you've done most of the national parks, haven't you? San Francisco/Sacramento.