Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When Life gets in the way of plans...

Yesterday when I posted my Meal planning posts, one of my prep/planning steps was "stick to it" or something like that. Guys, I really think that is a great plan, but sometimes life changes plans, and I have always tried to be really good an going with the flow and adjusting to changes. That's ok too, as long as you remember the goal. 

I have to ask myself  a lot of questions to determine whether it is more important to "stick to it" or to roll with the punches. In this case, I asked Why do I want to stick to it with my meal plans? What was the purpose of the plans in the first place? And the answers were that I was trying to save money by not eating out so much. 

So, when my husband pointed out that we ought to change today's meal slightly, I realized that it's ok to do that! On my plan today was Ham, Potatoes, brussel sprouts and salad. BUT last night we had SO much leftover rice and toppings from our Haole Haystacks, that Wes mentioned that instead of letting that stuff rot in the fridge, we should just make Ham Fried Rice (a family favorite) for dinner tonight. GENIUS! 

And so our weekly meal plan has it's first change, but it is one that will still help me stick with the goal of eating IN at home and thus saving money! Yeah!

Plus, I am totally excited for out Ham Fried Rice dinner tonight-it will be so easy and SOOO good! 

My point, don't worry if you need to adjust your plans sometimes, especially if the change will still help you to stick to the main goal!