Thursday, February 2, 2017

Foodie Finds in Yakima AKA When a self proclaimed foodie moved back to town...

One of my favorite things about going back home to visit Utah is the food options! Seriously, there are restaurants in Utah I dream about. In fact, just about everywhere I have lived or frequently visited has foods I crave. When I visit certain places, I literally have a mental food check list for the visit. 
(Thanks "Oliver!" for expressing my feeling about food so well!)
Knowing my excitement for food, imagine how difficult it was for me to move to a small town where there were only a few food options. Don't get me wrong, Aberdeen has some excellent gems in there, but there is a limited supply. And honestly, in a small town, you can go to the place you crave during normal business hours and find a little sign that they are closed today for just about any reason from a family emergency to a good fishing day. 
Now, although Yakima is not a huge city, it is much bigger than Aberdeen, and as such, it has a lot more options for eating out. I know, I know, I am trying NOT to eat out, but maybe that is why all the good food is on my mind. There are local gems I am discovering as well as chains I am grateful to have close by (Arbys! Arctic Circle!). I thought I would share a few of these foodies fave places to have access to in Yakima! 
My Yakima Foodie Finds!
First up, a few sit down restaurants that as far as I know are local (these are mostly sit down restaurants that are maybe a little spendy. Perfect places for a special night out):
  • Zesta Cucina: This is one of my favorite place right now. I love, LOVE their Crab Cakes served over amazing risotto! Plus any restaurant that serves me warm bread with vinegar and oil on the table to start wins my heart! :) 
  • Kyoto Sushi and Japanese Steakhouse: AND this is my other favorite place. You can get sushi, kitchen items, or have them cook on the table for you (Or any combination of the three). I crave their crabmeat salad! YUMMY! There is something for everyone here.
  • Carousel French Cuisine: Wes and I happened upon this gem one night shortly after moving to Yakima. The building doesn't look like much and you could easily walk right past and never know it's there. But Oh my goodness! It is awesome food. Not cheap, but I loved it. I am excited to go back again sometime soon! (PS, this is the only French restaurant I have ever been to so it was extra special for me!)
  • Second Street Grill: This is more of a sports bar feel place with great food. Lots of options-huge menu, and for those that drink, there is seemingly unending alcoholic options (well, it seems that way to this non-drinker anyway). 
  • Xochimilco: Looking for some great Mexican food? This is my favorite place here for that (so far). Everything is really yummy here. I have tried the fajitas and one of the salads. Both were awesome!
  • Abby's Pizza: I am not sure if this one goes here or in the next category because they will deliver to your house, but they also have a restaurant you can eat at. All I know for sure is my kids LOVE their pizza and think it is the best! They also have lots of other menu items, so I can order something I can eat as well. 
  • Cowiche Canyon: OK, I almost didn't put this one here because they have BLOWN it with my husband to the point that he won't go there now. We go there for the appetizers mostly-they have the best Guacamole I have ever had that was not homemade. But out ultimate favorite item, the one that kept me going back was their Grilled Artichoke appetizer. It is Ah-mah-zing! BUT, even though it is still on their menu, the last two times we went there the server has very snottily told us they no longer serve it, at least for a while. UG. If they get that back, I might return. If you go there, the only Entree I ever eat is the Prawn and Avocado Salad, and my husband only likes their Roasted Prime Rib entree. 
And these may be chains/fast food (meaning multiple locations either locally or nationally), but I am so glad they are here:

  • MOD pizza: My families favorite food for sure in Yakima. The kids request MOD pizza almost every day. Here's the thing that's so awesome about it. You customize your pizza in a similar way to how you customize a sandwich as Subway. They grab a crust and you choose EVERYTHING from there, then they wood fire the pizza for your eating enjoyment. Now, I don't eat pizza (it sadly makes me sick), but they have a delightful option called a pizza salad. They wood fire up a crust which you can eat like bread sticks and make a salad fully customized by you, then serve the salad on the pizza crust. It is heavenly! This is a MUST try place in Yakima as far as I am concerned. Probably the first place I will take visitors when they come to Yakima! 
  • Jimmy Johns: National sandwich chain know for being really fast. Add to that how GOOD it is, and it is a family fave! 
  • Papa Johns: I admit that since we do not currently live in their delivery area, we have not utilized this option yet, but I LOVE that it is here!
  • Arbys: National chain famous for roast beef sandwiches. I have missed Arby's terribly. Yeah for a close one! 
  • Arctic Circle: A favorite fast food joint from high school. I would drive through and order a Lime Rickey and fries with fry sauce fairly often growing up. So glad to have one nearby for the first time in my adult life! My kids are finally discovering the joys of fry sauce!
  • Sonic Drive In: When we were trying to sell our house in Omaha, we would eat here during Happy Hour quite a lot. I absolutely love their Hot Dogs-Chicago Dogs, and New York Dogs are my faves. Add to that a fully customized drink and tots and this is a happy girl. 
There are some good treats here as well (but I am in search of more options for my sweet tooth):

  • Boehm's chocolates: I bought a bunch of local treats here for my brother's mission farewell (he lived in Utah and was called to serve his LDS mission HERE in Yakima!). Lots of yummy treats to choose from here.
  • Johnson's Orchard: I have only bought apples here, but I hear their pies and baked goods are amazing. I am afraid to try them as I am certain it will ruin all my weight loss goals...
Places on my MUST try list (based on recommendations:
  • Waffles Caffe: I have not had the pleasure of going here yet, but Wes went with one of our kids on a father/son date here for breakfast a couple weeks ago and they haven't stopped talking about it. So it is on the short list.
  • Creekside West: I have no clue why I have not been here yet since it is close to home, but I hear it is awesome. 
Any other places I need to add to my list or go check out in Yakima?