Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Beckee's Deal with "Top 5" Lists

Admission: I love "Top five" or "Top whatever" lists. 

I love that they give me a concise check list of someones top favorite items of whatever category. I don't always agree with them, but I love to read them. AND I love to make them. Something I love about them is that they are ever evolving. They can change through time. Often when I try something new I say things to my husband like "Oh my gosh, this sushi roll is so good, it might be making it's way into my top 5!" New things can totally kick out the old favorites (sometimes). Other times, I have found that I am much more consistent in my opinions than I realized. 
Let me give you a funny example. I am obsessed Football, and since our family started playing Fantasy Football leagues every year, I have become an expert (in my own mind) on NFL football players. In 2014, one of my Fantasy Quarterbacks was not playing well (as far as my fantasy points were concerned). Whenever he blew it and cost me Fantasy points, I would get a little perturbed at him, but would say something like "He may suck out there today, but at least he wins in handsomeness."  I was taking some harassment at home and on Facebook for this comment, and one day my husband, Wes, said "I am surprised you think he is the most handsome QB, he's not who I would have expected you to choose. Who do you think the other handsome QB's are?" Challenge Accepted! The moment he asked, I began researching pictures of all the current QB's (not fair to just pick 5 without looking at all of them first). 
Then next day, I posted the following picture and comment on FB:
For anyone who has been waiting with bated breath, this is my top 5 most handsome NFL QB's right now (FYI-Brady narrowly misses my top 5 and Armour may never speak to me again...) 

Phillip Rivers
Colin Kaepernick
EJ Manuel
Matt Leinart
Matt Barkley

I took some crap for the inclusion of a 49er and the exclusion of a Seahawk (I live in Washington State). Also my son (aka #TomBradysBiggestFan) thought I was a MORON for excluding Brady (to be fair, I basically excluded him because I thought his looks were over rated). 

A couple weeks ago, one of my FB friends posted the following: 

I LOVE this stuff, so I reposted it and one of the Top 5 lists my husband posted for me to do was top five Best Looking QBs Now, in 2017. Again, Challenge Accepted! 

Here was my answer this time (In no particular order): 

So, Brady finally made it (to the great relief of #TomBradysBiggestFan) as well as Alex Smith. And the three that remained consistent were Phillip Rivers, Colin Kaepernick, and EJ Manuel.

Why do I bring this up today? Because thinking of Top 5 lists lately has made me wonder about my top posts on this blog. So, I am going to try, in the next post, to talk a little about the top posts on this blog, so far. It could be interesting information (for me at least, and hopefully for you as well).

More on that coming soon, in the mean time, feel free to stare at the pictures above of the handsome NFL QBs.