Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Beckee's Deal is all about Travel right now!

Have you noticed that my deal lately is that I am gone traveling-a lot?! If you are my facebook friend, you are probably sick of my travel posts. It seems like I am rarely home. I kind of feel like Wes and I are making up for 16 years of limited travel by traveling a lot this year. LOL.
That being said, since I went to Kauai a couple months ago, I have been on 2 more dream vacations! I will share some of the amazing deals and fun activities on here soon. 

First though, I wanted to note that much of our travel has been related to continuing education for my husband. So, when you see me posting fun stuff from exotic locations, it is only part of the story.

 Usually my husband spends much of his days in classes for continuing education. On occasion he can skip a day because he doesn't need those particular credits, or we will arrive or leave a few days before his conference starts so we can enjoy the area together for a few days without work plans. 
One of the ways we are able to stay at nice resorts/hotels is because we get discounted hotel prices in conjunction with the conferences. But, sometimes we cannot get the discounted prices because I booked too late or the hotel sells out, or something like that. On those occasions, I do a lot of "hotel shopping". I look on hotel booking sites like Expedia or Priceline, on the hotel websites, and I check for deals in email offers (I am a part of the points/honors programs for several hotel brands that I frequent: Hilton and Hyatt for example). 

We can often also get discounts on activities through the conferences as well. I also get discounted prices on activities often by booking early, online, usually directly from company websites. 

And as far as transportation (airfares, cars, buses, subways, etc), I also shop around and try to book early-but not too early. (On my latest trip to New York City, I booked my flights way too early-like 9 almost a year in advance, and tickets got much cheaper about 2-3 months before we traveled. Dang!)
All of this is just to say that travel can be costly, but do your homework, plan and prepare and you can do some pretty awesome travel adventures on whatever budget you have! I promise it is possible! :)