Wednesday, May 24, 2017 never gets easier...

You may or may not know that my family had been living in a rental house in Yakima since we moved here while we were looking for a house to buy. I have a whole lot to say about house hunting, but I will save that for another day. We finally bought a house a couple months ago, and so we moved.

For some reason, I was under the impression that moving across town would be easier than moving across the country. That is just not true. In fact I think it is harder. Because when you move across the country, you tend to take a few day, maybe a week or two to just move. Your total focus is on the details of the move. When you move across town, you have to do all those moving details AND keep doing normal stuff-hubby to work, kids to school, dance, rehearsals, sports, etc. 

Although I did not realize HOW hard it would be, I did know it might be tough, so we planned our move to happen during the kids spring break. Which really just made for a crappy spring break full of stress (and 2 sons with birthdays that essentially got ignored). 

And almost 2 months later I am still not unpacked, and still cannot find where the movers (yes we hired movers) put stuff-I can tell you they did not put things in the rooms they were marked to go in. UG! Wes and I have been having trouble with our bed since they put it together, and late last night when Wes got home after a long day on call, we realized they did not put it together correctly AT ALL, and we had to pull it apart and fix it before we could go to sleep. Double UG!

So right now, Beckee's deal is that she has a lot of unpacking to do still! I have no advice, nothing profound to say, just wanted to say to all my friends, family, readers who have been through an in town move before-KUDOS to you! I am impressed that so many people do this without missing a beat. I on the other hand have missed months of beats...but I guess I'll just keep pushing along and hopefully I will be motivated enough to get through all these boxes soon! 



Rochelle said...

I should've unpacked a few boxes while i was there...