Friday, June 9, 2017

Dang I blew it!!!

Guys, I somehow blew it on my Top 5 travel splurges post-like super blew it. In my outline (Yes folks I do outlines and drafts before I post final-ish products) for the post I had a top 5 and meant to add family visits as a 6th bonus...I did not finish writing the post in one day, and when I came back to finish writing it, I couldn't find my outline/notes. So, when I came to the 5th one, I could not remember what I wanted to put. And guys-it is the splurge of all splurges (as far as ones I have done anyway) and I would absolutely do it again-in fact I plan to! So, I have edited the post about the Top five Travel Splurges. If you read it already, check out the newly updated post to see my updated number 5!