Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tony award Food!!!

As I mentioned in a previous post this week, the Tonys are equal to the Superbowl in my world. So, obviously we need some excellent Tonys watching food! This year I based the main food on inspiration from the four musicals nominated for best new musical.

Come From Away:

My Kindergartner and 3rd grader took charge of this show and put together snacks and things you might get on an airplane since many characters were stuck on airplanes for many hours in this show.

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812:

Pierogis because at the beginning of the show we were given pierogis from the cast to eat! Admitedly I do not know how to make them, so I bought some in the frozen section and cooked them at home. They are not nearly as delicious as the ones at The Great Comet, but they will do!

Groundhog Day: The Musical

Every morning Rita wants to try the Sticky Buns. So I went with sticky buns...or really a couple different kinds of cinnamon rolls because that is what my kids will eat! ;)

Dear Evan Hansen

Two important scenes in this show happen in an apple orchard, so we did some apple related goodness for Evan Hansen (that's easy to do in Yakima Washington LOL). We have a homemade apple crisp pie, apples, and sparkling apple cider! 

I have a feeling I will need some extra exercise this week to make up for this! 

Enjoy the Tonys!!!