Monday, July 10, 2017

Disneyland + Fuel Rods = Perfection

Back in April, my husband had a continuing education conference in Southern Cal, so he and I went without our kids and made a vacation out of it. The conference was at the Hotel Del Coronado (one of my awesome top 5 worthwhile splurges) so we got to stay there and play! 

One of the days though, we decided to sneak away and do something we had never done before-go to Disneyland KID FREE! That's right, alone as adults at Disneyland! YEAH! 

Those of you that know me in real life probably know I am a huge Disney fan (HUGE) so this was awesome. However, one of my major pet peeves when I spend all day there is how quickly my cell phone dies. I want it to work all day for calls, texts, photos and even to play (the battery draining) Pokemon Go if I feel so inclined. But it doesn't. And even when I bring several of my good portable chargers, the phone still only lasts until maybe early evening at the longest. Especially when my husband and I are sharing portable chargers. 

But guys! Disneyland has now installed these amazing machines that solved my problem! FuelRod stations are portable charging stations. You purchase a fuelrod portable charger there for $30 at the park (or if you plan ahead-unlike our last minute trip, you can order one on their website for $20). 

They look like this:

You just use the portable charger until it dies. Then take it to a charging station and exchange it for a brand new fully charged one. 

There are several charging stations, I only used 2-one in Disneyland on main street near the lockers, and one in California Adventure near the photo shop. The only list of where they are that I can find is one posted by a great blog, The Disneyland Daily, that you can find here. (If you are looking for any Disneyland info, make sure to check out the Disneyland Daily blog while you are there. Lots of good stuff there-I read this blog but otherwise have no relationship with them-just a fan!)

You get unlimited exchanges! UNLIMITED! I LOVE IT!!!! Best new product in years and it took my Disney experience up a notch from AMAZING to PERFECTLY AMAZING! I literally cannot say enough good things about these Fuel Rods. I am just hoping these become even more popular so I can start exchanging all over the place! (Oh BTW-you can recharge them at home yourself and use them as you would any other portable charger as well. So, if you aren't near a charging exchange station, you can still get use out of them!)

Please FuelRod-expand out all over the country! Please! This product is great! 

Also, just so you know, this is a completely unsolicited opinion. I have no relationship with this company and was not asked to review or try these. I just simply tried and loved it so much that I HAD to tell you all about it. I hope using them can enhance your Disneyland experience as well.