Thursday, January 28, 2010

**Pandora & Netflix

Have you heard of Pandora Internet Radio? It is a free Internet radio service that my husband LOVES. I remember when he discovered it and told me about it a number of years ago. He still listens to it at work when he can, but has not set up an account to use with his personal email when at home until last night. When he did set up his new account, he found a great deals for me to tell you about!

When you sign up for a new Pandora account, not only do you get their AWESOME Internet radio, but you also get a free trial of Netflix! Of course the trick with the Netflix trial is that you have to give them your credit card information and if you do not cancel before the trial offer ends your card WILL be charged. So, beware that if you choose to do any trial like that, you MUST cancel before the end of the trial. After you sign up for the Pandora account, a window to get the Netflix trial should just pop up.

Wes and I have considered trying Netflix again now that they can do instant movies to your TV. So, we will probably do this trial.

And even if you do not want the Netflix trial-go get the Pandora account as it is AWESOME free music/radio through your Internet. The way it works is that you put in a song or an artist you like, and it will play music that is like that song or artist. It is like making a radio station geared right to you. It is sweet!