Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CUTEST kids theatre book/puppet sets as low as $4.99+shipping

I have told you about bTrendie before, but in my opinion, today is the day to join because right now (for the next 21 hours) they have THE CUTEST Lisa LuLeu theatre book/puppet sets (like the Frenchy Frog one pictured below) on sale for $14.99. And remember when you register with them here, you get a $10 credit! That $10 can be used for anything-even shipping.

So you could get this for $4.99+shipping! Great deal!! I am loving it!

Want to know more about bTrendie? Read this:
bTrendie is a "lightning deals" type site. As their welcome email to me said, "Don't miss the 2 - 4 day flash sales events of limited quantity brand name baby gear and apparel, at up to 70% off retail." This site has some super cute items. And remember-if you log on and do not like the stuff they are selling right now, there will be a whole new batch of sale items shortly!

So, get started shopping by clicking here to join and get your $10 credit!!