Wednesday, March 24, 2010 "secret deal" of 25% off

Yesterday I got an email from letting me know that they will be having a "secret promotion" on Facebook and Twitter sometime this week. (They also posted on Facebook to let all your friends know about it, so I feel pretty safe in telling all of you about it!) It looks like the promotion will be a coupon code to save 25% off and will be released "sometime this week" only on Facebook and Twitter. So, you can follow then on Facebook here or on Twitter here.

In case you do not know, is a service that offers food delivery from various restaurants around. I believe it is national as we have used them in Omaha and Spokane and I believe my mom has used them in Salt Lake City. Generally speaking, they are not a frugal thing, but they are a convenient thing. We used them a few times when I was on bedrest with my 4th baby and I could not get up and do stuff. he delivery lady there (in Spokane) knew me really well by the time I had my baby. We also used them after I had a baby here in Omaha years before.

I am hoping the 25% off deal wil make it reasonable enough that I feel OK about splurging and ordering in one of these nights! Check them out here.