Friday, March 19, 2010

How do I get Disney Store emails?

Reader Andres (who happens to be my sister) asked how I signed up to get The Disney Store deals in my email. So I thought I would tell youall how. Go here and near the bottom of the page ont he right you will see a picture with a link to get their emails (it will look just like ht epicture in this post-though the one in this post is NOT a live link). Click on the "Sing Up for Emails" button and get signed up.

Remember, if you do not already have one, I would go set up a "junk mail" email and send all your email subscriptions and free samples and things you sign up for there. That way you do not clog up your main personal email. Just a tip! You can set up a free email through Yahoo or Google really easily-I personally prefer Google, but that's just me! Click hereto get started setting up a new Gmail account.