Friday, March 26, 2010

**WOW-I am starting to feel like one of the super couponers...(Also, my husband is amazing)

Yesterday I told you about my exciting Hy-Vee trip here. Well, I also told my husband about it, and he thought I was crazy to have only bought 14 soups and 2 cereals (I thought I was nuts too). So, he stopped on the way home from work last night and came home with the following things:

Everything in this picture cost a total of (gasp) $10.52 and he got a catalina for a free gallon of milk (up to $4.19 value-any brand, any flavor)! Here a run down of what is there and what it cost:

50 cans of Campbells chunky soup $.14 each= $7
4 boxes of Frosted Flakes $.88 each= $3.52

Making the grand total of $10.52 and the Catalina!!

It was funny though because the receipts was taller than our kids!
When Wes got home and I saw all he got and he showed me the catalina, I was amazed! Even more amazed when I read the catalina. Apparently right now and until April 10 at Hy-Vee when you buy 3 or more Kellogg's cereals (12 oz+) any flavor, you get catalinas for free milk. When you buy 3-4 boxes, you get 1 free milk, when you get 5-6 boxes, you get 2 free milks, and when you buy 7 or more boxes, you get 3 free milks.

Well the milk really is about $4 each so I figured out that if we could get 7 boxes of the Frosted Flakes (which we will eat and should stock up on at that price) for only $.88 each, that would only cost $6.16, and we would get catalinas for 3 more products that we use anyway with a value of up to $12.57. That is basically a moneymaker! So, we packed up all the kids and since it was great weather, we walked back to Hy-Vee for a 3rd stop and came away with this stuff:

I bought those in 2 transactions (because with catalinas, you generally will not get new catalinas for the same item if you are using the same kind of caalina. So, I was using the catalina for free milk, and trying to buy the cereal and gt more catlinas for free milk. So I had to put the free milk and the cereals in 2 seperate transactions.) The first transactins cost $8.15 and I got back 3 free milk catalinas, and the second transaction cost $2.95 for a grand total of $11.01 + 3 catalina totaling a value of $12.57. Again-basically a moneymaker and we got all this:

Here is the rundown of what is there and what it cost:

Transaction 1:

1 bag Hy-Vee potato chips $.99
7 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes $.88 each = $6.16
1 Yoplait Yo-Plus 4-pack FREE (after coupon I requested and got in mail yestrday)
10 Top Ramen 10/$1=$1 total

And my total was actually $8.15

Transaction 2:

1 gallon chocolate milk: $4.18 but FREE after catalina
4 paper towels rolls $.69 each

Total: $2.95

And look, the free milks print as 3 seperate catalinas so you do not have to buy them all the same trip if you do not want to! But make sure you always check expiration dates on any catalinas you have! :)

BTW-we did not buy out all the deals-when we left the store last night there was still a TON of soup and cereal left with the peelie coupons for you guys to get! Looks like we are building up a pretty good food storage now though! Sorry the pics are blurry-they were from my cell phone camera...