Tuesday, April 20, 2010

YEAH! Another House Party at Beckees abode!!

Houseparty.com is a site that I am completely loving!! On this site, you apply to host various parties, and if chosen for a party, you get a party pack supplied to you for your party.

And...Boo-yeah!! Thanks to House Party and Bic Soleil I get to have one heck of a party on May 15th! Bring on the summer!!

I applied and was accepted to host a Soleil® Spread the Sunshine House Party. You may remember that I got to host a Arnolds/Oroweat Sandwich Thins Revolution party in February. It was a lot of fun, and I plan on this one being even better!

This time I am inviting families to come over and celebrate the beginning of summer with us. We are going to combine it with my daughter's 2nd birthday party. There will be lots of outside sun and fun (pending the weather cooperating). We will grill and have some fun in the sun!

House Party is sending me a party pack including:
1. 1 Host letter explaining all of the party details
2. 1 branded beach tote bag for me
3. 1 BIC® Soleil Bella™ 3pk razors for me
4. 1 branded iLuv MP3 speakers for me
5. 15 Coosh headphones for me and my guests
6. 15 branded sunglass cases for me and my guests
7. 15 $3.00 BIC® Soleil Bella™ coupons for me and my guests
8. 14 BIC® Soleil Bella™ 1pk razors for my guests

I will have lots of outdoor activities including sprinklers for the kids to run and play in (I am totally banking on good weather). Summery fun gifts for moms, playing time for kids, BBQ for all, should be GREAT!!

You can check my party site here.

If you too would like to host parties like this with prize packs provided, you should go apply for some of the exciting upcoming events. Check them out at Houseparty.com. I would LOVE to attend some of your house parties!! :)