Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekly Series...Reader participation wanted!

You all know that I started a Tuesdays Travels series of posts this week, but did you notice that yesterday I added a list on the right side of daily posts in different series? Here is the plan so far:
  • Sunday: Sunday Sales: Newspaper Round-Up     On Sundays, I will try to read through the paper and post the best deals. As a heads up, Sundays are a family day for us and I will sometimes not post at all on Sunday's (my one day off). But when I do, I will let you know what good stuff I find in the Sunday paper (generally this includes great sales, free events, and coupon inserts).
  • Monday: Mommy School Mondays     More details on this coming, but as a preview, I was a school teacher with a major in theatre and a minor in reading. Since I quit teaching to stay at home, I have been putting my education knowledge to use by doing "mommy school" preschool with my kids.  I will share my lessons and my plans here.   
  • Tuesday: Tuesdays Travels      This was started this week with this post about New York City. Check out the overview of Tuesdays Travels here and check out the upcoming locations herePLEASE send your Hawaii and Disneyland tips and tricks to me ASAP!  
  • Wednesday: Beckees Best of Omaha Grocery     I have been doing this now for a few weeks. To see this week's round up, click here.
  • Thursdays: TBA     Well readers, any requests? What would you like to see here?  Let me know if you have any ideas that you would like to see me try out for our Thursday series!
  • Friday: Weekend Warriors: Fast and Furious Daycations    This will focus on day/weekend trips you can easily take from Omaha. I would love to also have readers guest blog on this one sometimes to tell me about good "daycations" or weekend trips near your city.  It will be coming soon! Local readers-please let me know where some of your favorite daycations are near Omaha! 
  • Saturday: Service Spotlight Saturday     I love saving money! That is why I started this blog, but I also feel very strongly that giving back is SO important.  This series will focus on service opportunities as well as spotlighting examples of service.  Posts like this one about my brother's service project will go here. And the best news is that you can submit any service project you know of, get help with Scout projects, or you can write a spotlight about an example of service in your community and I will post your story/event on here. You can be a guest blogger! :)  A preview of this week: since it is Mother's Day Sunday, I will start this series with a spotlight on a couple of ladies that have served myself and my husband for our whole lives: my mom and my mother-in-law.