Friday, November 12, 2010

AMAZING Gerber Generation Celebration-Next Saturday at my house-come over!! is a site that I am completely loving!! On this site, you apply to host various parties, and if chosen for a party, you get a party pack supplied to you for your party.

And...Boo-yeah!! Thanks to House Party and Gerber (which BTW you should go like on Facebook by clicking this link) I get to have one heck of a party next Saturday, November 20th!

I applied and was accepted to host a Gerber Generation Celebration Party. You may remember that I got to host a Arnolds/Oroweat Sandwich Thins Revolution party in February, and a Bic Soleil® Spread the Sunshine House Party in May. They were both a lot of fun, and I plan on this one being even better!

This time I am inviting families to come over and eat some healthy food, talk about the healthy foods in the Gerber Generation and have some festive Thanksgiving crafts for the older kids. I have to tell you I am AMAZED by they items they are sending me for this party!! Check it out:

House Party is sending me a FREE party pack that includes:

For hosts (me):
• Welcome banner
• Napkins, plates, cups and balloons
• Product samples representing stages of the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ Nutrition System (for display):
• Display sign with breastfeeding resources
• 1 can of GERBER® GOOD START® Infant Formula
• 1 can of GERBER® DHA & Probiotic Rice Cereal
• 1 can of GERBER® DHA & Probiotic Oatmeal Cereal
• 1 package of GERBER® GRADUATES® Puffs
• 1 GRADUATES® for Preschoolers Healthy Meals EntrĂ©e
• 1 sampler box GERBER® GRADUATES® for Preschoolers Cereal Twists

For hosts and 15 guests:
• Insulated Gerber® lunch tote
• VIP product coupons
• Gerber® bib
• Breastfeeding Basics Booklet
• Nutrition Guide (*may arrive in a separate package)
• 1 2-pack of GERBER® SmartNourish™ 2nd FOODS® Purees
• 1 4-pack of GERBER® Infant Yogurt Blends
• 1 4-pack of GRADUATES® Yogurt Blends Snacks
• 1 GRADUATES® Smart Sips™ Dairy Beverage

If you live in Omaha or will be in Omaha next week, I would LOVE for you to come to this fantastic party and leave with some GREAT Gerber products and information!! You can check out my party site here, and shoot me and email if you would like to come ( ).

If you too would like to host parties like this with prize packs provided, you should go apply for some of the exciting upcoming events. Check them out at I would LOVE to attend some of your house parties!! :)