Saturday, February 13, 2010

Possible FREE Nabisco cookies

Here is an upcoming freebie on Facebook from Nabisco. Become a fan of Nabisco cookies here. Then on March 1 thay will give away coupons for free packages of cookies (when you buy another package and 2 gallons milk. Apparently they will do this the first of the month for who knows how long! Maybe this time I will actually get one of these!!

Thanks Moms by Heart.


**Wanna go to Colorado?

Click here and sign up for your chance to win a trip to Colorado from teh Colorado state Tourism board. I will make sure to send you a digital postcard if I win!:)

Thanks Mama Cheaps.


**FREE Terra Chips deal works!!

So, this morning I told you all about the FREE Terra Chips at Toys R Us. Well, I went and got that deal, and you should go too-the sale goes until Monday, but I recommend printing off the page in the ad with those chips listed on it as it did not ring in right and I did have to show them the ad. But that small hassle aside-how awesome to get these yummy chips for FREE!!

And the best news is that I have been looking for a potty seat to potty train my youngest, adn I found one that folds up and is so cute on clearance for $4.90! Yeah!

Now, if you have not yet done this deal, go to this post to see how to get your free chips and go do it!! SO worth it!!


**Walgreens loot this week...

Wow-so I also stopped at 2 different Walgreens today (because I forgot which one I had to go to to pick up my free 8X10 collage). But since I had to go to 2 anyway, I went ahead and got deals at both. Here is what I did:

If you are unfamiliar with Walgreens and their RR (Register Rewards) program, please read my post about Walgreens here.

Right now Dove Body Shop for Men is priced at $5.99 and it prints a $6 RR for use on your next visit, Huggies Jumbo pack diapers are $8.99 and print a $3 RR, and Kotex Tampons 18 packs are 2/$6 with a $3 RR. FYI-I learned today that Kotex & Huggies are the same mother company, so those 2 RR are considered the same thing which only means you should not be able to "roll" them. (That really just means that if you have a Huggues RR and want to buy Kotex using that RR, it will not print a NEW RR for the Kotex.)

So, at Walgreens 1, I did 2 transactions, In the first I bought the Dove wash for $5.99, used a $1.50 off coupon, paid $4.49 and got a $6 RR. In the second Transaction I bought a package of Huggies and 2 $1 treats for teh kids to share. I had a $2 off Huggies coupon, used the $6 RR from the Dove, paid $3.48 and got a $3 RR back.

At Walgreens 2, I bought the Dove again (5.99) with 2 packs of Kotex Tampons($6). Had a coupon for $1.50 off the Dove, and used the $3 RR from the last Huggies transaction (this SHOULD have stopped me from getting the Kotex RR, but for some reason it worked anyway). Total was $8.33 and I got a $6 RR from Dove, and a $3 RR for the Kotex. Transaction 2 I bought 1 package Huggies($8.99), 4 little sale treats for the kids ($2 total), used another $2 off Huggies coupon, and the $6 RR from the Dove. So the total was $3.62 and I got another $3 RR fromt he Huggies.

So, in the end, I paid out of pocket $19.92 and still have $6 in RR for use next time, so it is like I paid $13.92 for 2 Dove Mens body washes, 2 jumbo packs of Huggies Diapers, 2 boxes of Kotex Tampons, 4 small chocolates, and 2 big breadsticks n cheese treats for the kids and of course a lovely picture collage of my kids!


**My Walmart deals today!

Did anyone go to the Littlest Pet Shop Parades at Walmart today? I did and BOY am I glad!! Not only did the idea of going to this event motivate my 5-yr-old to clean his room, but I also scored some MAJOR deals while I was there.

First I want to say that I am so sorry I do not have any pictures to show you, but I don't have the ability to upload pictures on this computer and my laptop is with my husband for a while. So, you will have to imagine how impressive this shopping trip would look in a picture.

At about noon, while I was in Walmart looking at the clearance toys near the Littlest Pet Shop activity area, the manager came over the intercom and announced that starting right then and going until 2 pm only, ALL clearance toys with red tags were an addintional 50% off. WHAT?! Good thing I just happened to have all my coupons in my bag just in case, because I was able to really score! Here is a list of the awesome deals I scored today at Walmart (some are not toys, but awesome nonetheless!):

  • Tuna: Free with coupon from this month's All You magazine
  • 4 kids t-shirts: $1 each on clearance
  • 2 Nerf Strike: originally $8 each, on clearance for $5, with 50% off= 2/$5
  • Barbie Lap Top: Originally $50, on clearance for $40, with 50% off=$20 minus $5 coupon=$15 total
  • Glowworm: Originally $10, on Clearance $8, with 50% off=$4 minus $2 coupon=$2
  • Doodle Pro: Originally $20, On Clearane $10, with 50% off=$5
  • Sorry Slide Game: Originally $15, on sale $10 minus $4 coupon=$6
  • Musical Sit N Spin toy: Originally $20, on clearance $18, with 50% off=$9 minus $5 coupon=$4
  • Pictureka penguin game: Originally $18, on Sale $10 minus $5 coupon=$5
  • Scrabble Apple game: $9.96 (NOT on sale but desperately wanted) minus $4 coupon=$5.96
  • Monopoly game originally $15, on Clearance $8, with 50% off $4 minus $4 coupon=FREE!
Phew! That was somethin'! And we left with bags of Littlest Pet shop stuff and a free picture of all 4 of my kids too!! WAHOO! I love scoring great deals!


Off to get me some deals!!

I am off to shop (with sick kids and all)! I will let you know how I do later today!!

**FREE Terra Chips at Toys R Us

Right now through Monday 2/15, Toys R Us & Babies R Us has their President's Day sale going on. One of the specials they have is for Terra Chips at $2/2 (you have to buy 2 to get that price). Well, luckily for us, there is an online coupon here for $1/1 Terra Chips (click on the "e coupon portal" on the upper right side of the screen.).

So, go print out 2 copies of the Terra chip coupon and head over to Toys R Us or Babies R Us with your coupons in hand and score some free chips!! I cannot wait to try these FREE chips!! Yummy!

I do not know if the Toys R Us sale is nationwide or regional, so you might want to check here and make sure your local ad has the Terra Chips sale! (It should be in the President's Day sale flyer-mine was on page 10)

Thanks Des Moines Coupon Mom.


**Free sample from Beyond BodiHeat

Click here for your free sample from Beyond BodiHeat. When you get there you just give them your email (as a reminder, it is a good idea to set up an email JUST for when you sign up for freebies or things like it online). They will then email you an authorization code. you will then have to return to their site and fill out a short survey to get your freebie.

Thanks Des Moines Coupon Mom.


**Reminder: Today is the Littlest Pet Shop Parades at Walmart!

In my last post, I mentioned that I bought the February Edition of All You magazine. Well, the back cover of that magazine has a really fun looking event on it that I wanted to share with all of you.

On February 13th, participating Walmart locations nationwide are having Littlest Pet Shop "Pets on Parade" Events from 11-2. It says that a new parade will begin every 10-20 minutes and there will be exclusive new pets for purchase, posters and stickers, parade flag and bag, LPS Diary Stickers, Photo Opportunities, and FREE giveaways (while supplies last). Check here to finda participating location near you! My kids will love this (if I remember to go!).