Friday, February 19, 2010

**How can we get free and high value coupons?!

Many of you have asked me how I get so many great free coupons and high value coupons. A lot of those come from just contacting the company. I have told you before, and will probably tell you again, about the value of being a consumer with an opinion. I have tried to encourage you to email companies and let them know what you think of their products (whether positive or negative). And I have tried to tell you about the benefits of doing so (although this is a long post, I engourage you to read what I wrote here).

The reason I am thinking about this right now is that Mama Cheaps posted an AWESOME list today. It will be a great resource! It is a list of companies that will send you free coupons and high value coupons when you contact them! Please, see the post here.


FREE storytime event at Borders (all over) tomorrow!

Select locations of Borders books will have a Story time in honor of Elmo's birthday tomorrow (Saturday 2/20) at 11 am. (FYI-Elmo himself is stuck on the Street so will not attend, but there will be "Elmo" related activities and stories). Please call your local Borders store to verify whether they are participating. Click here to find your nearest store and their phone number!

For local readers: I called the 2 Omaha locations (132 & Maple, 72nd & Dodge) and they are both doing it at 11 am, and the Papillion location (7775 Olson) is doing it at 2pm. So-it really is a good idea to call your store and verify participation and what time they are doing it!!

Thanks Couponing to Disney.


MEGA Swagbucks Day!!

Have I convinced you yet to join Swagbucks? If not, you really should! It is great and today, as with EVERY Friday, is Mega Swagbucks day! That means more chances to earn more Swagbucks! So, makes sure to use Swagbucks for all your searching needs! FYI-I am up to 156 Swagbucks right now-that is enough for $15 on Amazon-almost $20 (45 Swagbucks can get you a $5 Amazon Gift Card)!! THe bucks keep building up!

If you have not joined yet, click on my referral link here and start earning Swagbucks with me! This is a GREAT time to join-they are celebrating their 2nd Birthday with lots of chances for Swagbucks next week-so sign up now and take advantage of all those extra Birthday bucks!!

Please read my explaination of Swagbucks here.



Once again today I have to appologize for the lack of deals and posts today. I just really try to tell you about the stuff out there I think is GREAT, and today I have not really found anything great. I don't want to post crap just to post something, so, I will spend another hour on here going through my emails and checking around the blogosphere to see if I can find you anything, then I am going to go clean my house some more (as my cousins wife wrote on Facebook once-"Laundry & Dishes-the gifts that just keep on giving...")

Have any of you heard of any great deals today? Please let me know!

**REMEMBER: FREE Auntie Anne's Pretzels from 10-3 tomorrow

REMINDER for tomorrow!!!
I quite literally wait all year for this deal. When we lived in Spokane, the nearest location of Auntie Anne's was a good 25 minute drive away, and I went there like at least once a week (in my defense, they are pretty much heaven & I WAS pregnant). Anyway, you will want to mark your calendars right now so you won't forget! I am marking mine!!

On Feb. 20, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., you can enjoy a free pretzel at any Auntie Anne's location. They will be offering their Original or Cinnamon Sugar pretzel for free!

Also, if you sign up for Pretzel Perks you get a freebie on your Birthday & coupon offers throughout the year! YEAH!!