Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grocery Deals around Omaha 3/31-4/6

Please see previous post for Hy-vee deals. Here are a few of my favorite deals from other stores around town.

Bag N Save
  • Green Giant Steamers $.88 (LOTS of coupon match ups possible! Please click here to see a list of possible coupons you might have or could print.)
  • Kraft Cheese 8 oz (shread or chunk) $.99 each with in ad coupon when you buy 5 or $1.19 each
  • King's Hawaiian Bread  2 /$5 (and it says "see deli for $.40 coupon) (There were coupons in the Red Plum Sunday insert on both 1/31/10 and 3/21/10 for $1/2)
  • Campbells Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom soup $.55 each (There is a Printable coupon for $1/2 here so you could use that and get them for $.05 each.)
Super Saver
  • Dozen Medium eggs $.98 each
  • 4 lb Strawberries $4.48 (making them only $1.12/lb)
  • Dole 20 oz Pineapple $.86
  • Cantelope $.98 each
  • Best Choice French Fried Onions 6 oz $1.84
  • Leg of Lamb $3.98/lb (I am Greek, so this is an Easter "must have")
  • Purified Water refills $.08
  • Easter Bushel Baskets $.68
Bakers (Not really impressed this week, but one thing I need to mention for my husband's sake!)
  • Prime Rib Roast $4.99/lb
No Frills Fresh
  • Spiral Sliced Ham $1.48/lb
  • Our family Butter 1 lb $.99 (limit 1-additional are $1.48/lb)
  • Our Family canned vegetables 3/$1 (Limit 12 then additional cost $.43 each)
  • Baby Carrots $.49/pkg
  • Garden Salad $.39/bag
  • Potatoes $1.39/10-lb bag
Please note that there are MANY coupons out there that can match up with some of these items. I have noted a few of the coupon match ups that I found. Please feel free to let me know if you found a great deals or coupon match up that I did not list here! Thanks!


**Hyvee deals 3/31-4/6 + the Thursday-Friday-Saturday specials

Here are my favorite sale items from this weeks Hy-Vee ad (running today 3/31-Tues 4/6):
  • Coke 12 packs 4/$10 with in ad coupon
  • Lay's Potato Chips $1.77
  • Celery stalk $.59
  • Nabisco Crackers $1.88
Plus Hy-Vee has a special ad going on tomorrow, Thursday April 1-Saturday April 3 as well (This came in the mail yesterday). My favorites from that ad are:
  •  7Up, A&W, Sunkist, Dr Pepper (yeah), RC & Diet Rite 12 packs are (gasp) 4/$8.88! What?! Only $2.22 each?!
  • Cook's Ham Portions $.98/lb
  • Hy-Vee Whole Bone in Spiral Sliced Hams $1.68/lb (Half bone in Sliced Hams are $1.98/lb)


FREE sample Dove mens wash

You can get a free sample of Dove Mens Care body and face wash by requesting it here.

Thanks Mojo Savings.


Update: KMTV Right Price Deals.

Update: I just checked for today's deals, and it looks like htey are the same ones as last night: Garden Cafe, Big Brain Productions, and Sam & Louies! Yum! But I also noticed that in their Clearance tab, they have 65% off The Rug Shop and 60% off Wake 'n Skate Boardhouse. Check the clearance section here.

Did you know that KMTV news in Omaha has a Deals portion of their website called The Right Price? They have made deals with area restaurants and businesses where they can get 1/2 off gift certificates for you and me! Seriously, there are some great deals at great places.

You have to pay attention to the deals though! To quote their website "At 10:00 AM each Wednesday, we'll open up the ONLINE store for that week's business. But you have to be fast - we are only able to provide a limited number of gift certificates per week."

Go check out their website here.


April Fools ideas?

So, April Fools Day tomorrow, huh? GOt any big jokes planned? I have nothing planned and my son just this morning asked me if I was going to so the same trick for dinner as I did last year or if I had something better planned...oh no...I started something last year and I cannot live up...that is where I need your ideas!

Every year when she was alive, my aunt Cathy would do the same April Fools joke: put a rubber band on the kitchen sink sprayer so the first person to turn it on would get sprayed. And every year my Papou (that means grandpa in Greek) would humor her and get sprayed adn act surprised. This went on for 50 years...yes 50.

Two years ago on April 8, Cathy passed away, so last April Fools I was feeling nostalgic and felt I had to do something big in her honor...

Last year I made little "cupcakes" for dinner and "french fries" for dessert. The cupcakes were actually meatloaf with pink colored mashed potato "frosting" and the fries were actually pillsbury dough bakes and sprinkled with sugar. Here is a picture:


How is the world do I top that (with minimal cost)? Ideas welcome! In fact, I am begging for ideas...Please...


FREE Splenda "Flavors for Coffee" sample

I do not drink coffee, but I love flavored steamed milk or Hot Chocolate. So, I am always excited for creamer coupons/deals or flavor deals. So, I am REALLY excited for this free sample!! Right now you can request a sample of Splenda "Flavors for Coffee" product. Hazelnut (my favorite flavor) and Mocha flavor are avaliable to request. Click here to make your request!

Thanks Combat Clippers.


TODAY ONLY: Possible FREE My Little Pony's at TRU

Yesterday I posted a blog about my borther's awesoem service project here. Please take the time to read all about it, but even if you don't read that whole explaination, basically he is collecting toys adn rollerblades to donate to the Kidstar Program at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Hospital. It is a GREAT cause!

If you are considering donating something but do not have a lot of money, I just wanted to let you know a couple things.

First, there are many toy and game coupons available from Hasbro here. Using those coupons, you can score some pretty great deals at Walmart with their everyday prices. Second, often you can find sales going on which you can combine with the coupons to get great deals!

One of those great deals is going on today only at Toys R Us. Their Deal of the Day is My Little Pony B1G1. If you have your Hasbro Insert from the Sunday paper on 3/21, there is a B1G1 free coupon for My Little Pony in there. So, presumably, if this works at Toys R Us like it does at other places, they should both be free. You can also print out that same B1G1 coupon at the Hasbro site here. (Thanks Couponing to Disney.

Why, you ask, would those be free?! Basically it is like getting 1 free from the store (in this case Toys R Us) and 1 free from the manufacturer. Manufacturers coupons are just another form of payment like a check or credit card or cash as far as th stores are concerned. So, when the store has a B1G1 sale and you have a manufacturers coupon for B1G1, the store is giving you one free on their sale. You give them the coupon which gives you 1 free from the manufacturer, and the store gets the money from the manufacturer (which is why the coupon is like cash to them).


2 pack Scrapbooking set for only $12.99!!!

WOW!! Graveyard Mall's deal today is pretty sweet! It is a scrapbooking book called "This is My Story". It comes in a 2 pack for only $12.99 today (compare at $79.98). This is such a great deal that I suspect it will go quickly!!

It includes:

44 scrapbook pages
24 page protectors
20 sheets of elements
2 sheets of stickers
CD-Rom with printable journal boxes, frames, alphabet letters, Bible verses and more

How neat is this? You can buy it here.


**Laser Tag anyone?! Today's FUN Groupon...

How fun is this?! Today's Groupon is $6 for Three Rounds of Laser Tag at ZZZAP! Laser Adventures! That is $9 or 60% off! NICE!! You CAN split this between 3 people!!

As with all the deals, make sure you check out the fine print before purchasing. To sign up for Groupons, click on my referral link here (this does NOT commit you to buying any deal-you choose what you buy) and to see the Omaha page, including today's deal, click here.

Not sure what Groupons is? Then click here to read all about it!


Baby essentials from Amazon!

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