Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LOW Entries on my Giveaways-please enter to win! :)

Remember to enter BOTH of my giveaways (the BabyCenter one would make a GREAT baby shower gift)

You can enter to win this fun giveaway that includes yummy Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls as well as Scrapbooking items meant for a family fun Sunday brunch! Go here to check it out and to enter!! This giveaway ends next week and has around 20 entries right now!!!

AND this next giveaway is perfect for the expecting/new mom OR for a baby shower gift! You can enter to win this fantastic prize package that includes two new BabyCenter parenting books (BabyCenter® Pregnancy and BabyCenter® Baby), a package of Seventh Generation diapers, a gift card from BabyCenter partner, Shutterfly and a BabyCenter bib!!! This giveaway ends on 11/27 (my baby sister's 22 birthday). Go here to check it out and to enter As of this post there are NO entries-the chances are good.


I am moving to Arizona!

On a personal note, yesterday my husband accepted a fellowship at the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona!! We are so excited to know where the next step in this long road will take us! We have plenty of time to plan (we will not move for a year and a half-summer of 2012). BUT, now that I KNOW where I am going, I cannot help but begin planning and researching and all that fun stuff.

So, I have never been to Scottsdale (Ok-actually I think my parents took me there as a child, but that doesn't really count). So, I need my wonderful readers, friends and family to help me out-what do you know about the Phoenix area near Scottsdale. I need to start looking for the areas we are willing to live. Here is what I am looking for-we will need to RENT a 4 bedroom house (as we will have 7 people by then) in a GOOD school district/area that is affordable on a fellowship salary (which is not much-so think inexpensive...). I am fairly flexible about most everything except the school area.

Also, let me know what fun and exciting activities and stuff I have to look forward to there! Send any advice, you have for me about Arizona as I start my exciting (and long) search...

I am a bit nervous about the summer heat, so maybe it is good that I just experienced the summer of no air conditioning to prepare myself...


More FREE coffee-every Friday in November at BK

Since we are talking coffee, I should mention that every Friday in November, Burger King will give you a free 12 oz cup of Seattle's Best coffee if you drop in before 10:30am. No purchase necessary! (But you can add flavored shots of syrup or whipped cream for an additional charge.) One per customer per day on November 5, 12, 19, and 26. Participation may vary, so call your local Burger King to see if they are participating.

Thanks Mom for Him.


FREE Coffee Day 11/10 (tomorrow) @ Bruegger's

You can get FREE coffee at Bruegger's tomorrow from opening until 2 pm. They do encourage you to donate to Children's Miracle Network if you can while there, but that is not required to get your free coffee.


Go "like" bounce NOW and possibly get a free shirt later today!!

Today at 4 pm EST (that is 3 PM here in the Central time zone) Bounce will be giving away t-shirts. They will go quickly I am sure, so go here now and LIKE them on facebook so when the time comes to sign up for the shirt, you will be all ready to go! Let me know if anyone gets one-I will be doing a preschool pick up when these go live...


Wholly Guacamole coupon starting at 9 am TODAY

Did you miss this post last night?! Check out the awesome coupon that will be going up on Facebook in about a half hour!!
Remember the fantastic Wholly Guacamole stuff I told you about here? Well, they have a FANTASTIC coupon promotion starting up on Facebook TODAY at 9 am CST (11/9)! Read all about it:

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Celebrate the daY!