Friday, January 14, 2011

Go Patriots (and go like Wholly Guacamole please)!!

OK Friends, Wholly Guacamole has posted the following status on their Facebook Page:
BIG NFL PLAY-OFF WEEKEND: we will overnight party packs to the biggest fans of this weekend's playoff teams. tell your friends to come like us and tell us why we should pick you. make sure you start off by saying what team: baltimore vs pittsburg; jets vs patriots; green bay vs atlanta; seattle vs chicago. giving away 2 party packs for the patriots since i am from boston :)

I have to admit I am not a HUGE NFL fan-more of a College Football Fan (GO UTES!). But I do LOVE football in general and my husband is a big football fan. And to be honest I am a HUGE Wholly Guacamole fan, so I feel I MUST post about this and beg for you to please go here and like Wholly Guacamole on FB, then tell them on their FB wall that I (Beckee Johnson) should win because I am rooting for the Patriots to beat the Jets this weekend!!!

Pretty please go vote for me! You are all awesome and thanks in advance!!