Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CSN & Play Pen review! Good Stuff!

Remember when I told you that for an upcoming review, CSN Stores was going to let me pick something to review?

Well, As I told you before, I thought about it and after much consideration I decided to use the $55 credit I got to go toward something I really needed for this upcoming baby. Being a 5th child, this might be the only new thing he gets! :)

Check out what I ordered:

We have had it for a couple weeks now, but just had to chance to set it up. Before I show you the pictures I took, let me just tell you how easy it was to order through CSN. I was able to get it ordered quickly and easily! My favorite part was that I got FREE shipping!!! Honestly, I tend to buy big heavy items in store rather than online because I have had to pay so much in shipping for things in the past. MANY items-especially bigger items through CSN have free shipping and I adore that!!

Also, I ordered this just a couple days before the big storm that hit most of the country hard a couple weeks ago, so there were shipping delays all over. CSN actually shot me an email letting me know my package may be delayed a day or two (BTW-it got here on the exact estimated delivery date in spite of all that). I really appreciated the update though and thought they gave me some excellent customer care!

So, the ordering and delivery went well, and I can say without hesitation that I will look to CSN again in the future! Now about the product I ordered. It is the Disney Baby-Disney Care Center Play Yard...I did get some help from my Wesley setting it up:

Here it is all set up:

We were big fans of it. In fact, my little ladies (as they asked me to call them before we made the video) made a video review of their thoughts about it. Check out what they thought:

I loved that this playpen has the bassinet and that it seems to be a sturdy, safe place for baby. The changing table and the huge storage area are also awesome! In fact, the whole product is high quality. It will be a nice thing for our little guy! The included toy on the end was for me just a bonus, but the kids thought that was the be all end all part of this product!

If you are looking for a good quality play bed for your baby that has a lot of nice little extras, this is the one for you!