Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am lucky. Well, I have been lucky over the last year when it comes to winning giveaways and stuff. I won well over 50 things in about 9 months. I kept a count of my wins, but not a list of exactly what I won and from who/where.

I win a lot because I enter A LOT! I mostly enter LOW entry giveaways (do I have better chances to win). I use 3 different daily lists of them and just go down the list and enter them. I wrote all about how I did it on my blog here and an update as a guest post on Tight Wad in Utah's blog (I have the best luck winning from her list). Check that post out here.

I even started a page about My Winnings here on the blog. Since 1/16/11 I have been keeping track on this page of all my giveaway wins. It has not gone as I hoped it would-I feel like I am winning much less than I have been. I think my luck has run out (or maybe more of you are winning now that I told you my secrets-that would be much better than my luck running out...).

You should check out My Winnings page every so often to keep tabs on how it is going.

Today I thought I would give you the update though that Since 1/16/11 (just less than a month) I have won 11 giveaways. Just an FYI...

What have you won recently? 



Heavensent1 said...

I've been using my blog to keep track of my winnings too...I guess, I'm also luckier than I thought...but like you, I enter A LOT of contests...I'm not so good with the low entries...I do better if I get there in the beginning and go back every day to do whatever they require, until the giveaway ends...my tweets pay off for me...hehe Continued groovy luck to you...peaces...xoxo