Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I thought since today was a "Winsday," I would give you all an update on my little winning experiment. (You can see the explanation of my experiment/idea to keep track of my "wins" below). 

I started keeping good track of my wins on 1/16, so it has been a month now (today is the 16th of Feb right?!). So far I have won 14 giveaways this month.  If I keep that up I will end up with WAY more than 50 in 9 months-more like 126ish...let's see how it goes! :)  Update at 2:10 pm on 2/16/11:  You can make that 15 wins!

I am lucky. Well, I have been lucky over the last year when it comes to winning giveaways and stuff. I won well over 50 things in about 9 months. I kept a count of my wins, but not a list of exactly what I won and from who/where.

I win a lot because I enter A LOT! I mostly enter LOW entry giveaways (do I have better chances to win). I use 3 different daily lists of them and just go down the list and enter them. I wrote all about how I did it on my blog here and an update as a guest post on Tight Wad in Utah's blog (I have the best luck winning from her list). Check that post out here.

I even started a page about My Winnings here on the blog. Since 1/16/11 I have been keeping track on this page of all my giveaway wins. It has not gone as I hoped it would-I feel like I am winning much less than I have been. I think my luck has run out (or maybe more of you are winning now that I told you my secrets-that would be much better than my luck running out...).

You should check out My Winnings page every so often to keep tabs on how it is going.

Today I thought I would give you the update though that Since 1/16/11 (just less than a month) I have won 11 giveaways. Just an FYI...

What have you won recently?