Friday, March 25, 2011

Silk for Milk 10 Day Challenge: Day 3 update

Do you remember I told you that through my association as a BzzAgent on,
I get the chance to take a challenge from Silk! I get to try the Silk for Milk 10-day challenge!

Here is the 411 on how it all works: It is simple, just replace your milk with Silk for 10 days and see (to quote Silk) "how easy it is to enjoy wholesome, plant-based nutrition".  Cat and I made an update video on how it has been going for us a few days in. Check it out:

So, are you excited to try the challenge with me yet?! It is not too late to start!! Go here to the Silk website and read about the challenge! Then (and this is a favorite part for me) click here to sign up for the challenge and to get a COUPON for your first carton of Silk!