Sunday, December 18, 2011

#Smurftastic Birthday Party! So glad to be a #crowdtapper

I have told you before about how I LOVE being a #CrowdTapper! Through Crowd Tap I have been able to do 2 Old Navy Shop and shares (See my latest #Crowdtapper post about my Outerwear one here), shared my opinions on a variety or topic, had the opportunity to donate some of my earnings to Autism Speaks, and now I was chosen for a Hosted Party! This one was for the Smurfs Movie.

I was send a digital party kit that included clips from the movie as well as activities and fun ideas I could print out. The party times happened to be right over my daughter's 9th birthday, so Last Saturday she had a #smurftastic birthday party.

If you know me, you know I can never leave thing alone and I tend to go overboard. So I bought the movie to view the whole thing (rather than watching just the provided clips). We planned a couple games from the suggested games (Smurf Bingo, "Papa Smurf Says", and a Treasure Hunt). And I decked out the house in Smurfy blue.

We had about 20 kids over ready to party Smurfy style. We colored the coloring pages (from my digital party pack) as we waited for all the kids to arrive. Then we were set to watch the movie. I grabbed the disc out of the box, and (you won't believe this) as I put it in the DVD player, it CRACKED!! Like TOTALLY cracked! AHHHH...

Luckily "Papa Beckee's Deals" (Aka- Mr Beckee's Deals or Wes) was actually home and not on call (gasp) and was able to run over the Redbox and rent it real quick!! And since I had the games and the digital clips I could use, I was still set with things to do to keep the party going!

When Papa Beckee's Deals returned with the movie, we popped it into our DVD player and settled in with our Smurfy treats to watch it.

Can I throw in a little review here and tell you that I LOVED it! Super Cute! And it has a great cast. Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favorites ever, plus the Smurf voices are all so unique and perfectly cast, plus Hank Azaria as Gargamel! Perfection! There are jokes for parents and kids! I recommend checking it out as a good family film!

That being said, the Party was a great success! I took a few pictures to share (again-avoiding faces so as not to splatter friends faces all over the web). Check out the fun:

 Birthday Girl

 The birthday Girl and I made some Smurfy cupcakes!!

Thanks again Crowdtap for choosing me to host this fun party! My girl had a great birthday and LOVED the Smurfy theme! It truly was Smurftastic!!

***I was provided digital content to use for my party by Crowd Tap. I was asked to have a #Smurftastic party then to report back on it. Purchasing the movie and all the Smurfy extras were done by me. All opinions expressed are my own!!***