Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I got #OldNavy Outerwear #FREE Thanks @OldNavy and #CrowdTap


A While back I joined Crowd Tap (which is a place you get to share your opinions and sometimes even get to sample awesome items). One of the places they work with is Old Navy and I joined hoping to sample some SWEET Old Navy clothing. You may remember that after applying and not getting to sample anything, I was finally chosen to do an Old Navy Sample Share through Crowdtap. You can see my review of that here. It was a blast! I could not wait for another opportunity!

Lucky for me I did not have to wait long!! I was lucky enough to be chosen to to an Old Navy Outerwear Sample Share! Yeah! So I grabbed Jessica and we ran over to Old Navy yesterday to pick out some new coats!

Both of us had our babies with us had out babies with us (ages 2mo and 7 mo) Our poor children had to sit through a lot of their mommies trying on stuff! There were so, SO many great Outerwear options!! There were like 6 coats I really liked, and 3 I LOVED and had a hard time choosing between. Jessica had a similar experience. Before I show you some of the cute options we tried on, let me throw out a quick shout out to the employees at the Village Pointe Old Navy on Omaha, Nebraska-SOOO nice and helpful the whole time! Helping us grab coats and sizes and telling us how cute they were and all kinds of great service (without being totally obnoxious)! It was great!

So, here are some of the coats Jessica and I tried on that we didn't choose in the end:

Jessica actually LOVED this white coat below but wondered about the functionality of having a white wool dry clean only coat with a new baby around.
In the end she did end up with a Dry Clean only coat still, but it is not white so may not be so tough to keep nice with kiddos around. And I must say, I am a HUGE fan of her choice (it was my top choice initially but they did not have it in my size at that location):

I came down to three favorites. For me living in the Nebraska biting cold windy winters, this absolute favorite Red riding hood coat was totally not functional for my purposes. But I LOVED It and deliberated long and hard over it anyway:

This long black coat was warm and cute and probably the best options for a functional warm coat to last through this Nebraska winter. It was REALLY warm. I thought it's only downfall was a lack of a hood, but the neck went up high to cover your neck so that was great!

BUT in the end I actually went with a less functional than the last coat, but more functional that the Red dream above. It was a bit more of a fashionable choice than I usually make and as a mom of 5 kids I usually shy away from Dry Clean only clothing, but this coat was simply irresistible in the end:

If you also want the chance to become a Crowd Tapper so you can sign up for future sampling events, please join through my referral link here and we can start tappin together! :)

***By way of Disclosure, I was given a coupon for me to get a free ON Outerwear item, as well as a free coupon for a friend. Thanks CrowdTap and Old Navy for this fun experience and these free coats for me and Jessica!!***