Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where is the Wednesday grocery round-up?

Well, I changed my newspaper subscription from a daily to a Sunday and Wednesday only. Since then I have not been getting my Wednesday ads. I have been calling and emailing the newspaper over and over and was assured last week that I would not be missed forward to today and guess who did not get ads yet again?! I am really trying to solve this problem, so please be patient with me on the grocery posts while I fight with my newspaper delivery some more...thanks for understanding!


FREE Firecracker CHicken @ Panda Express tomorrow!

Chinese New Year is tomorrow and to celebrate Panda Express will give you a FREE single serving of Firecracker Chicken Breast (no purchase necessary). Just make sure you print out this coupon and bring it with you when you stop by tomorrow! Not sure where your nearest participating store is? Go check here.


3 LOW entry giveaways to enter on Beckeesdeals (first ends 2/4)

I have 3 great giveaways going on right now and would love to have you enter them!! They are all LOW entry!! Check them out and enter them at the following links:

1. Just Eyewear $50 for a pair of glasses ends 2/4. Only 34 entries as of this post.

2. The Chalkboard Tee Shirt ends 2/14. Only 77 entries as of this post.

3. Brilliant Lenses ends 2/14. Only 14 entries as of this post!


FREE cup of Yoplait still available

Just wanted to let youo know that if you have not yet gottent this fantastic freebie, it is still currently available!!
The first 1 million to request a free cup of Yoplait will get one. Just sign up here.

VERY Happy Groundhog day!!

First can I just say that I cannot believe it is Groundhog day already?! All this snow on the ground makes me feel like it is barely into winter, but as you probably all know, Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog predicts whether Spring will come early or we will have 6 more weeks on winter. Great news, Punxsutawney Phil has tweeted the following this morning:

No shadow! My prediction: an early spring! Forget science. Ignore common sense. This groundhog would never lie.
Well, looking outside I have a hard time believing him, but I am feeling optimistic today so I am going with it! YEAH for an early Spring!!


Look what I just ordered from CSN

Remember when I told you that for an upcoming review, CSN Stores was going to let me pick something to review?

Well, I thought about it and after much consideration I decided to use the $55 credit I got to go toward something I really needed for this upcoming baby. Being a 5th child, this might be the only new thing he gets! :)

Check out what I ordered:

I cannot wait for it to get here so I can tell you all about it!!