Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Pampers Gifts to Grow points!

Here is a 10 point code for Pampers Gifts to Grow Program: T9PDXPKKGA3M4GK. Go log in and enter it in your account for the 10 points.

Thanks Cuckoo for Coupon Deals.


10 more Huggies Enjoy the RIde points!!

Here are 2 new Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards codes worth 5 points each:
  • BKKDNLKMKHRHPGB (5 points)
  • BKKCSBBMSPNSPGB (5 points)
I just tried them and both worked in my account! Go enter your codes here.

Thanks See Me Save.


Who's wearing GREEN?!

I just wanted to make sure you are all wearing the green today-and if not, I am sending pinches across the Internet! :) Hope you have a happy fun (and SAFE) holiday!

For our family, we will be eating a green dinner, I am sure. It seems that no matter what I cook on St Patrick's Day, those darn leprechauns get into it and turn it green. Tonight we have a jello salad, stir fry with rice, cute kid sodas, and cupcakes. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of whatever the leprechauns do to it all...


FREE guitar picks and holder!

My daughter has a small guiter (it is really a large ukelele) and she is always losin gher picks, so I LOVE this freebie! You can go here to request a free guitar pick holder with 5 picks!! You will have to confirm the email they send you after you request if you want to make sure to get this one!!

Thanks Save the Coupons.


FREE sample of Juice Beauty!

This is a sweet little sample! I am excited about it!! You can get a free sample of Juice Beauty. Just click here to sign up!

Thanks Free Samples 2 Fill Up Your Mailbox.

Photobucket SHIPPING

Today only-Free shipping on your entire order at  Just enter promo code: LUCKY at checkout!!  Awesome!  :)


"Wins"day update-2 month into the "winning" experiment

Well, somehow this did not post correctly yesterday, so today you get my "WINSday" update on how my winning giveaways experiment is going.
(You can see the explanation of my experiment/idea to keep track of my "wins" in the first "WINSday" post here).

I started keeping track of my wins on the blog on 1/16/11. That means that Wednesday 3/16 marks exactly 2 months since I started. So far (as of today-Wednesday March 16), I have won 45 giveaways.

This week was pretty slow as I did not enter giveaways each day-there were 3 days this week where I had no access to the laptop to enter giveaways (hubby was working from home). So, the fact I won anything this week was pretty lucky.

You can check out the complete list of winnings here!

What have you won lately?! I would LOVE to hear about your wins!!