Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last day for my readers to get ArtisticLetters Deal!!!

Did you see my review of ArtisticLetters the other day? It is a fantastic company and Jodi (owner and photographer extraordinaire) is offering my readers a great deal that ends TODAY. So go read the review and check out the deal here.


FREE fishing day in Utah is TODAY!!!

You may have noticed less posting...I am in Utah visiting(and BOY was it an adventure getting here-I will post that story later. Spoiler alert: Burger King, tornados and hail were involved).

I wanted to put up a real quick post to let you Utahns know that today is FREE fishing day here in Utah! That means that you can fish in Utah today without a license! So, go out and have a great fishing adventure today then come back and tell me how it went!!