Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Adventures...

Isn't that a beautiful picture? I took it at Lake Zorinsky.  I love going over there!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what I was able to go to today in Omaha.  I always like it when other bloggers let me know how the free events or deals they posted about went, so I try to write about my experiences every now and then. As I posted before, there were a TON of things going on today for free. I learned a couple things today: 1-Though my son is doing remarkably better, he is not 100% and still apparently needs to be reigned in for his own good, and 2-Apparently I cannot do it all (especially with said child not feeling well).  So, my son, Ender, would go and go all day right until he wore himself out which was pretty quick.  My husband was on call today too so I was on my own with 4 kids (ages 7,6,3,& 2).  But we still did a lot...

First we went to the kids church activity that I told you about the other day where they had a blast (and they were fed lunch-thank goodness for that!!).  Then I anxiously drove down to Old Navy, sure all the $1 Flip Flops wold be gone by then (it was noon).  Um...apparently I have not been paying attention because I went to my usual Old Navy, and it was gone...just I decided to just skip it and go to the Village Point event.

Guess how lucky I was though?! My Old Navy apparently moved to Village Point, so I was able to go in and get some flip flops. Sadly, there were none for kids when I was there (as it turned out there were 2 moms up front holding them all hostage as they tried to decide which ones they REALLY wanted and how they could manage to take turns going through the line to get all of them...yes ALL of the kids flip flops). I was able to get some for Me and Wes at least and that was great. It was a busy store, but luckily we were able to get in and out pretty quick-they had that line moving like a well oiled machine!!

After that we went out to the Village Point event there and had a blast. We made seed necklaces, got the coupon books (which have some killer deals BTW), got cookies from the Loft, food from Kona Grill (free samples), ate suckers from Durham Heritage Museum, picked out beautiful post cards from Joslyn Art museum, Saw a parrot from the zoo, got free toys and stickers from the zoo, and played some fun games! And all of that for free!! We even ran into a few friends!! It was a lot of fun and like I said, ALL FREE!!! LOVED it!

By this point, Ender was starting to really breakdown and cry and not want to move (very unlike him when he is well), but I needed to stop at Walmart or Hyvee to get potatoes (They are $.77 for a 5 lb bag at Hyvee today and tomorrow, so I could go to Hyvee or to Walmart and price match). I decided to try Walmart so we could see if there were anymore of the free ice cream sundaes.

We got to Walmart, and found they were having a Health fair as well as the free Sundaes at our location. So, we went to all the health booths up front before venturing in to find the Free Sundaes. Wow-we got some AWESOME freebies and coupons there! I got tons of stuff for my glasses (cases, cleaning cloths, cleaning solution), for my contacts (solution, cases), and for pain (Advil, and other medicine samples). Most of those samples were full size samples! It was awesome! There was even a Chiropractor there that had a wheel to spin to get a prize. Ender spun for me and won me the BIG prize of a full exam for free, including x rays, and all. Interesting...

Finally we made it over to the Free Sundaes and wouldn't you know it-they were RIGHT at the end of them and I must be doing something right today, because my kids got the very last Sundaes! WOW-good thing I did not wait another minute to head over!!

I did miss the Omaha City Parks and Recs department Spring into Summer celebration at Zorinsky Lake (3808 S 156th St) from 10 am - 2 pm. I really wanted to go over there, check out the free activities, and buy our summer swim pass, but it just did not happen. I'll still have to buy that pass soon though!

I also missed the free hot dogs at the new Stoney Brook Hy-Vee and their Kids Club activity.

Did any of you make it to any of these fun activities or did you do other fun activities? I would love to hear about your Saturday adventures!!