Saturday, May 15, 2010

Local Readers-check out 365 things to do in Omaha

There is a page on Facebook called 365 Things to do in Omaha, and it is AWESOME! You should go "like" it and check out all the great ideas here.


Remember Sponge Bob at Super Saver today!

FYI, if your kids like Sponge Bob, you will not want to miss this! On Saturday May 15th Sponge Bob will be at Super Saver on 144th and Stony Brook from noon- 2 pm to celebrate their grand opening! Looks fun-especially for those Sponge Bob fans!

Service Saturdays: Omaha Service Opportunities

There are so many ways you can serve your community! Now you probably all know that I am having my House Party today (in a couple hours actually), so I do not have a ton of time. So, this will be a brief post this week. I just want to say that there are opportunities all around us-churches have programs, the city has programs, school have programs, and there are always service projects that individuals/neighbors are doing. I will focus in specifically on some of these in future blogs, but today I just want to refer you local readers to a great website that here in Omaha maintains of community service/volunteer opportunities. It is a really good list with lots of places that need help/lots of ways to help! Check it out here.


Hardees Wheel of Awesome-win prizes!

If you "like" Hardees on Facebook, you can then have a chance to spin their Wheel of Awesome for prizes. I have read about a lot of people winning!


Kids eat Free at IKEA May 15-16

Boy, if you live near an IKEA, you are super lucky-I think they must just like giving away free food!

Today and tomorrow (May 15-16), Participating IKEA stores are giving away free kids meals (with no adult purchase necessary!!) Kids will be able to choose any 3 kid sized items to create a meal, including 5 meatballs, mac & cheese, PB&J sandwich, kids yogurt, 2 cookies, chocolate milk and more!

Make sure to call your local IKEA to make sure they are participating before you head over!

Thank you Thrifty and Thriving and Combat Clippers.


$3/1 Huggies coupon on Facebook! NICE!!!

Yesterday, Huggies posted the following message on Facebook:

"You spoke and we listened! We love our fans and know how much you appreciate coupons, & that’s why we’re sharing a $3 off coupon valid for Little Movers or Little Snugglers diapers! Note: While we welcome & encourage all of you to join our community (we love Huggies parents!), you do not have to be a fan to redeem this coupon."

The link is here.

Thank you HUggies for ANOTHER great $3/1 coupon!!!

FREE subscription to Cycle World Magazine

There are 1000 free subscriptions to Cycle World Magazine from Just got here and fill out their form to see if you qualify. I have gotten magazine subscriptions from them for free before and you never have to give a credit card or anything. And before you ask, yes, they DO really come! :)


New Pampers Gifts to Go codes

If you do the Pampers Gifts to Grow program, you should see the list of new codes that Who Said Nothing in Life is Free?! posted yesterday. There are a lot of new codes. See that post here.


Boo yeah! Another free book!!!

Do you remember when I told you about how free books really come sometimes? And about how I had been randomly selected to receive a book, "Claude and Camille: a Novel of Monet" by Stephanie Cowell from Read it Forward through Crown Publishing?

Well, I got an email yesterday letting me know that I was randomly selected to get ANOTHER book! This time I will be getting Twelve Rooms with a View by Theresa Rebeck! It looks like an interesting read, and I am super excited to get it!!

If you are interested in reading advanced copies of new books, I would recommend checking out the Read It Forward website each month and signing up for a chance at getting any book that looks interesting (there are 3 new ones each month and readers are randomly selected to get them). I sign up for all the books each month and hope t get one occasionally-even if the book may or may not be one I want to read, I sign up. My husband would probably like the ones I would not...