Friday, March 11, 2011

Out for the weekend

I just want to let you all know that my husband will be working form home this weekend so I will have limited to no internet access on the laptop. That just means I won't be able to blog over the weekend-I can still get emails and stuff through my phone, but that is all, so just an FYI!


Disney Movie Rewards 5 point code!

Here is a new 5 point code for your Disney Movie Rewards: K2HM73MC9L.  Also, while you are logged in to your account check to see if you have any surveys available-those earn points as well and I had a couple waiting for me to take when I logged in to enter this code.


Review: Purex Complete with Zout + upcoming freebie and giveaway

I have told you before that I am lucky enough to be a Purex Insider, and as one I sometimes get to try and share new Purex products (like the AWESOME Crystals I am giving away until SUNDAY 3/13.!

Well, I was SOOO excited when I got a NEW package from Purex Insiders the other day! This time I got to try out the NEW Purex Complete with Zout (Triple Enzyme Stain Remover).

This new product comes in Fresh Morning Burst scent and in Free & Clear fragrance Free. I asked if I could review the Free & Clear (as I have kiddos with extra sensitive skin).

Let me tell you a few things about this product (these are facts from the Purex Insider website):
  • What is it? Simple, it is a combo of Purex Complete detergent and Zout stain remover
  • It contains 3, yes 3 stain fighting enzymes to target different types of stains: 1-Protease which fights protein based stains like blood and grass, 2-Amylase which fights starchy stains like chocolate and tomato sauce, and 3-Mannanase which fights guar (used as a thickener in foods) for stains like ice cream, BBQ sauce and Salad Dressing.
  • How to use it? Two ways really-as a normal detergent or if you have tough stains, pour a bit directly on stain and rub in fabric before washing.
  • It WILL work in your washer-both traditional and HE washers can use this product!
  • It is prices at a "serious value".  Depending on the size you buy it is $3.49-$7.99
  • Where do I get it? By the end of March it will be available nationwide is stores such as Walmart, Target, Kroger and Publix.
OK-SO what did I think?!

Well lets be perfectly honest, stained clothing is my nemesis. I can never get stains out and pretty much figure once they are stained, either my husband will have to deal with it or the item of clothing is trash.  No joke.  I bought my daughter a NEW cute pair of pants about a month ago, and the first day she wore them, she went outside and decided to "sled" down the melting snow in the back yard...needless to say, she ended up SUPER muddy and grass stained.  I was so frustrated by the stains, I threw the pants in the bottom of the hamper and have been ignoring them as they sat there for the past month...when I got this new product, I dug them out. The knees and butt were a disaster. I took a picture of the knees (forgot to do the butt before shot, but trust me, it was as gross as the knees if not worse!). Check them out:

After taking the picture, I put a bit of the new Purex Complete with Zout on the knees and butt. I have to admit. I did not have high expectations-these are old, terrible stains. Boy was I surprised at the FANTASTIC outcome!! See for yourself:

Can you believe it?! I was SO excited that it worked so well, that I could not wait to tell you about it!

BY now I am SURE you are asking where you can get some of this for yourself-as I said, it is NEW and will be available by the end of March. BUT, you sill not have to wait that long to try it!! Beginning this Sunday 3/13, Purex will have FREE samples available for you to try so you can "Prove it to yourself" that it works! I proved it to myself!!

So, when the site goes live on Sunday 3/13, go there and request your own free sample to try, AND even better-be on the lookout for my upcoming giveaway for 2 coupons for FULL SIZE bottles (2 winners will each win one). (Remember the link for the free sample will not work until it goes live on Sunday!)


Purex Crystals giveaway ands SUNDAY...have you entered?!

Snag the coupon while you can and make sure to enter to win the giveaway!!

I am still really loving my Purex Complete Crystals softners, and I want you to be able to try them out!! SO this is another reminder to make sure you go here and print out a money saving coupon so you can try them yourself!!

Also, if you want the chance to WIN a coupon for a FREE bottle of Purex Complete Crystals, make sure you Go here and enter my giveaway. It is a quick giveaway-ends this Sunday,  3/13!!

Now that you have seen what you can win, go enter the giveaway. AND in the meantime while you wait to see whether you won, print out a money saving coupon!!


TGIF...time to get your SWAG on!

Why am I Searching on Swagbucks you ask?! Well, today, as with EVERY Friday, is Mega Swag Bucks day! That means more chances to earn more Swag Bucks! So, make sure to use Swag Bucks for all your searching needs today!

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If you are new to Swag Bucks, please read my explanation of Swag Bucks here. And my explanation of the changes to Swagbucks here.