Friday, January 13, 2012

Swagbucks EXTRAVAGANZA today-join me!!

I LOVE Friday the 13th!! Always fact my 13th birthday was on a Friday the 13th! So, I am really excited that Swagbucks is making Friday the 13th a lucky day today, as they hold a Swag Code Extravaganza, which means more opportunities to get reward points towards free stuff! It started at 7am Eastern Time today and throughout the day there will be 8 different Swag Codes, and if you can get them all, you'll have an extra 60 Swag Bucks in your account!!

So, be on the lookout for codes! There was already one on Twitter this morning, lets see if we can find the rest!

If you are not a member of Swagbucks yet or you don;t know what it is, please keep reading! Swagbucks is a search engine (and more-they have games, quizzes, swag codes, all kinds or ways to earn points-like today's extravaganza!). On Swagbucks, you earn points, or "Swag bucks" which you can put toward prizes or gift cards.

Today, as with EVERY Friday, is Mega Swag Bucks day PLUS today has the bonus of the extravaganza!! That means LOTS more chances to earn more Swag Bucks (which will earn you gift cards or prizes faster!!)! So, make sure to use Swag Bucks for all your searching needs today! I know I will be using Swagbucks all day!

If you have not joined yet, click on my referral link here and start earning Swag Bucks with me! This is a GREAT time to join-with Mega Swag Bucks AND the Extravaganza going on today!! As an FYI, I have made $185 in Amazon Gift cards so far and I have 768 Swagbucks which is enough to get another $5 Amazon Gift card with 318 SB left! (450=$5 Amazon card)

If you are new to Swag Bucks, please read my explanation of Swag Bucks here. And my explanation of the changes to Swagbucks here.

Now go get your Swag on!! See you at the extravaganza!