Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#OldNavy and #Crowdtap Sample Share: @OldNavyActivewear

Oh My Goodness! I just might be addicted to Old Navy...really. I love it. I feel like most of my clothes are Old Navy. In fact, when I was in Old Navy in Utah last week, I was trying to talk to a manager and when they called the manager to come talk to me I heard them over their walkie say "She's the one up front wearing our jeans and our Pea coat...and her husband is also in ON jeans and an ON jacket." I looked at us and realized she was totally right! So, you can imagine that with my love of ON, I am always excited when I get the chance to score some FREE ON clothing AND to get something free for a friend too!

In case you have not read my previous posts about this, let me explain: I have been a member of Crowdtap (which is a place you get to share your opinions and sometimes even get to sample awesome items) for quite a while now. I love all the different things I get to discuss, review and try out through them. My favorite things though are always the Old Navy sample and share programs. If chosen, you get a coupon for a free item for yourself and a free item for a friend. I have been lucky enough to do quite a few sample and share projects. I reviewed Old Navy Jeans, Old Navy Outerwear/coats, and Old Navy Shorts, and Old Navy Dresses. My most recent opportunity was for an Old Navy Active Wear Sample and Share and I want to tell you all about it!

So, this has been a crazy month with Christmas and all that excitement AND with a birthday trip to Disneyland for our now 10-year-old.  We were out of town more in December than we were in town! It was a fun a crazy time! I got the coupons for the ON Active Wear the day I was driving out to Cali for our Disney trip! I was so excited because that meant I could use my SHARE portion of the coupon to share with my good friend Carly (who was letting my family stay at her house AGAIN for our Disney excursion).  I thought it would be something fun for us to do and that it was a small thing I could give her to thank her for letting us crash at her place over and over! Unfortunately, it being a Disney vacation, we did not actually ever make it over to Old Navy during business hours! So, I left Carly the Share coupon to get her own Active Wear outfit and I took mine home with me.

The first chance I had to use my coupon was right after Christmas in Utah while visiting our family. Wes (Mr Beckee's Deals) and I left the 4 oldest kids with my mom and we ran over to the neighborhood Old Navy with the baby (who is really almost 2...).

Upon arrival, I always like to talk to the manager and let them know what I am doing so they will let me take pictures and try on all the best stuff they have. The manager came over and talked to me a bit about the Crowdtap/Old Navy Style Council program as she had never seen these free coupons before. After we talked and she looked at the letter stating that I should be able to take pictures and stuff, she showed me where the Active Wear was (thank goodness because they were in the process of moving it and I would have had trouble finding it all without her help). I picked out quite a few outfits to try on, and she pointed out the ON tennis shoes and sports bras as well. I admit I skipped the bras, but did try on the shoes with each outfit.

Here are some of the outfits I tried on:
Ignore the bunch at my waist-my shirt was bunchy under the jacket...sorry..
Take note of the cute shoes as well as the jacket and pants! ALL can be found at Old Navy! (The shoes were really comfy and were only $19.95-I ALMOST bought them but held back since I just paid for Christmas for 5 kiddos! EEK)
Same shoes, different jacket and pants.
Again the same shoes, different top and bottom here though.
I loved this top and tried it on with a few different bottoms. All the same style, but different colors-this is the pure black bottom.
And this is the green striped bottom-I was pretty excited about this one apparently!  :) 

I MUST show you my favorite part of the tops. Many of the tops had this feature:

I LOVE it because I tend to get cold hands when I exercise, but I HATE wearing gloves, so this is a perfect solution for me and I LOVE LOVE it!

Now, I have to note that all the outfits pictured above were good options, but my two favorite outfits were these ones:

I had a really hard time choosing, but in the end I bought the second one mostly because the top has the thumb holes and the white top did not. Also, I admit a white top with my messy life and 5 kids seemed less realistic for me.

My friend Carly sent me this picture of the outfit she picked (it is a super cute one too!!)

Happy With my Choice:

I loved checking out and trying on so many of the current Old Navy Active Wear! I am not a skinny little lady anymore, but the ON Active Wear fit me nicely and looked good. I felt like there were many outfits I could have bought and felt good about wearing to work out in. Many times I am self conscious in tight work out clothes, but I was able to find MANY options that did not make me feel fat or self conscious. I would totally feel good out and about in these outfits and highly recommend checking out Old Navy for your active wear needs! Did you by chance, like me, put lose weight on your New Years Resolution list? If so, you can grab some cute work out clothes to help you start on the right foot!

If you also want the chance to become a Crowd Tapper so you can apply for future sampling events, please join through my referral link here and we can start tappin together! :)

***By way of Disclosure, I was given a coupon for me to get a free ON outfit, as well as a free coupon for a friend. Thanks CrowdTap and Old Navy for this fun experience and these free outfits for me and my friend!!***